Welcome to Supercall. You’ll find a lot of information about spirits here. And a lot of information about cocktails. Also home bartending. Plus some drinking culture stuff. Oh and booze news. We do that too. But none of that is what the site is truly about.

Supercall is here to help you drink better, but honestly, that's just a means to an end. At the end of the day, we are far more concerned with why we drink than what we drink.

So take a look around the place. If we’ve done this right there will be something here that will help you drink better. It might be a new bottle. It might be a novel cocktail recipe. It might be a piece of gear. It might be a strange fact that makes you a more interesting drinking companion. Whatever it is, make sure you share it with someone, preferably face-to-face. It's all about connections.

Cheers. We'll see you at the bar.