The Best Bartenders to Follow on Instagram, According to Bartenders


While nearly every bartender on Instagram makes us thirsty for their beautiful cocktails, it takes an extra special feed to impress fellow bartenders and inspire them to improve their own craft. “It’s really exciting to see what everyone else is doing and then wonder 'How did I not come up with that?’” Zack Berger, head bartender at Analogue in New York City, says. "The bar industry is much smaller than it seems, so we all follow each other to offer support and make sure we're keeping up.” If you too want a little inspiration from the pros, follow these industry-favorite accounts for a spark of home bar creativity.



Who: Efren Agustin, home bartender and professional “drinkstamgrammer”

Why You Should Follow: “His photos are so artistically thought out. Not only are his cocktails gorgeous, but the way he plays with shadows, staging and choice of glassware is always on point. He is always inspiring me to up my photo game.” — Cody Goldstein, founder of Muddling Memories, head bartender at Upholstery Store: Food and Wine  



Who: Alex Valencia, owner and mixologist at La Contenta

Why You Should Follow: “I’m a big fan of following Alex Valencia’s feed for more than just his cocktails. He has his bar team super involved and also stays very true to his own style.” — Cristian Molina, Bar Manager at Rogue Tomate Chelsea


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Who: Manel Vehi Mena, owner at Boia Nit and Doble

Why You Should Follow: “Manel Vehi Mena is a former waiter and food-runner from El Bulli, whom I met years ago while he was staging at the Aviary in preparation to open his own bar concept in Spain. He is a typically over-the-top Spaniard in terms of presentation, energy and creativity.” — Michael Huebner, Beverage Director at Revival Cafe Bar

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Who: Lauren Parton, sommelier and bar manager at Vol. 39

Why You Should Follow: “Lauren is a former chef turned mixologist and she uses her kitchen experience to innovate cool edible cocktails. It’s a unique, one of kind approach to cocktails.” — Donavan Mitchem, bar director at MONEYGUN



Who: Elad Zvi and Gabe Orta, co-founders of The Broken Shaker and Bar Lab hospitality consultancy

Why You Should Follow: I am always inspired by why Elad Zvi and Gabe Orta are doing at The Broken Shaker and beyond. They look to highlight what’s in season, which is an approach I can relate to as I start my day in the market across the street looking for what’s new and exciting to incorporate into our cocktail menu. Plus, they grow a lot of their own ingredients, which is something my family has been doing for more than 20 years.” — Oliver Zabar, owner at Eli’s Night Shift




Who: Tenzin Conechok Samdo, beverage director at Tavern Road

Why You Should Follow: “His content is a wonderful mixture of postings about his bar (Tavern Road), his cocktails, the industry and family. He brings a fresh viewpoint to this career and his drinks are absolutely stunning. I also appreciate that all of his content is original and he doesn’t repost cocktails from other people to gain followers. It’s authentic and honest.” — Pamela Wiznitzer, Creative Director at Seamstress



Who: Nate Churchill, bartender at DanDan

Why You Should Follow: Nate is a very talented and passionate bartender who truly loves what he does. He recently completed a six-month, 48-state motorcycle excursion where he guest bartended all over the country. He currently works at DanDan near Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia and can also be found guest bartending at various spots in the city. Catch up on his amazing journey via Instagram and see what cocktails he’s shaking up next.” — Stephen Kealy, bartender at XIX (Nineteen)

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Who: Chris Lowder, “Spirits Evangelist” for Proof & Company

Why You Should Follow: “Chris Lowder is currently based out of Hong Kong working with Proof & Company, a brand bringing craft spirits and barware to the rapidly growing markets across Asia. His Instagram is riddled with food, cocktails, travel and architecture. Many of his photos depict a lifestyle full of fun and adventure, yet he continues to share his knowledge and experience with all those around him.” — Erik Delanoy, bartender at The VYNL

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Who: Charles Joly of Crafthouse Cocktails

Why You Should Follow: Charles shows his successes but comes across genuine and humble. His dog pics also bring a human likability when the whole bar community looks at him as a cocktail demigod.” — Juyoung Kang, lead bartender at The Dorsey at The Venetian


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Who: Jade Sotack, bartender at Josie’s Bar and Sophie’s Bar

Why You Should Follow: “She’s an all-around badass woman that just gave birth to a powerful little girl named Jet, and is still bartending.” — Natasha Torres, head bartender at Bar Moga



Who: Virginia King of Broken Shaker

Why You Should Follow: “She showed me how knowing the basics will get you far and being humble will pay off." — Andre Chirinos, head bartender at Pawn Broker

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