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The Best Pick Up Lines to (Never) Use on Bartenders


When it comes to pick up lines, bartenders have heard them all. From the boring “What time is your shift over?” to things so raunchy we can’t mention them here, the folks behind the bar always get the brunt of poorly placed puns and embarrassing requests. Need some examples? Here are 17 hilarious (but definitely unusable) pickup lines for bartenders. (Editor's note: Seriously, don't use these. Bartenders don't want to hear them. Just leave a nice tip, instead.)

How do you keep that ice from melting when you’re so hot?

Can you shake that booty like you shake that drink?

I’m not drunk. I’m just intoxicated by your beauty.

Here’s a tip: You should go out with me.

I’ll have something sweet—like you.

Want to watch me tie this cherry stem in a knot with my tongue?!?!

That’s a generous pour. If I get too drunk, you might have to drive me back to your place.

Can I buy you a shot? How about dinner?

I like my bartenders like I like my Martinis—in my mouth.

I’ll take two Screaming Orgasms—one now, and one back at my place.

If I buy a round of Blow Job shots, will you squirt the whipped cream directly into my mouth?

I came here to do two things: Drink whiskey and get your number. Looks like I’m all out of whiskey.

How about you make me a good, strong cocktail—easy on the tail.

Are you even old enough to be bartending?

Is your name Toddy because you are hot!

I like my bartenders like I like my Mimosas, bottomless.

One Slow Comfortable Screw, please. Oh—is that a drink, too?

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