The Ultimate Hangover Workout Routine


It’s hard enough to motivate yourself to get out of bed when you’re hungover, let alone exercise. But contrary to popular belief, getting a solid workout while you’re far from your best self can be easier than you think. Here is the best, anyone-can-do-it hangover workout routine to ensure you’re not letting the morning after get in the way of your summer bod.

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One Strong-Willed Sit-Up:

The first exercise is always the hardest. We’re not asking you to blast your sunken abs and break your high school’s sit-up record—we’re just asking you to literally sit up. Take as much time as you need to mentally psyche yourself up.

Pathetic Flutter Kicks (10-20 reps):

If the sit-up is proving too hard, throw in 10-20 reps of flutter kicks. The flutter kicks will help you generate the necessary momentum to get out of bed (or off the bathroom floor, depending on how rowdy the night before was). Somewhere around 10-20 fluttering kicks and some rocking back and forth should get you back on your feet.

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Alcohol-Reeking Burpees (20-30 reps):

Throughout the rest of your “workout,” make sure you let loose a few alcohol-reeking burps as your body attempts to filter the alcohol out of your bloodstream and digest the heart attack-inducing combination of pizza and Cinnabons you inhaled on your way home.

Stumbling Lunges (5-10 reps):

Lunge toward door handles, bannisters, the dog—anything in your reach that will support you as you attempt to carry yourself to the bathroom to clean yourself up. You’ve got this. Push!

Endurance-Testing Curls (3-5 reps):

The bathroom is the best place to curl...up in a ball during moments of weakness and declarations of “never drinking again.” That’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s a test of your endurance, and if you can get through three to five reps, there may be hope for you yet.


Face-Saving Plank (1-2 min):

You’re not lying on the floor in agony, begging for relief—you’re planking!

Metaphorical Mountain Climbers (5-10 reps):

You can’t stay on the floor forever. Move your arms and legs a little. Get the blood flowing. Mentally prepare yourself to get over this mountain of a hangover. It’s almost time to venture out into the world.


Introspective Wall Sits (2 min hold):

Keep your butt on the ground, it’s fine. You’re wondering if standing is overrated and if you really need to go outside.
Well, standing isn’t overrated. You do need to go outside. Now get up (flutter kicks), and get ready for the day.

One Full Effort Power Clean:

Don’t have a barbell and plates? No problem, because that’s not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about giving yourself one good ol’ maximum power clean. We want you to go for a new PR, so give it everything you got. Brush your teeth, shave, hit the shower. You’re not surviving this hangover. You’re thriving in it.

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