What to Drink According to Your Favorite Christmas Movie


The Christmas season brings with it many things: family feasts, mulled wine, festive colors, ugly sweaters. But perhaps most importantly, it is the only acceptable time of year to listen to the song Jingle Bell Rock, and the only time of the year to watch Christmas movies. And every good (or bad) movie needs a good (not bad) drink to go along with it. Here’s what to pair with your Christmas movie of choice.

A Christmas Story: Christmas Sangria


If you’re watching this, it’s almost certainly during the 24-hour marathon that runs every year on Christmas Eve. That means you need something festive that will last through at least a couple screenings of the film. Our easy drinking Christmas Sangria is the perfect compliment to the movie, just don’t try to fire a Red Ryder carbine action air rifle after having some.

It’s a Wonderful Life: Whiskey Highball

It’s the simple things that can really make you (and George Bailey) appreciate life, and nothing is simpler than a Highball. Plus, every time you pour soda on whiskey an angel gets its wings. Or something like that.

The Santa Clause: Santa’s Little Helper


As Tim Allen becomes Santa Claus, he develops a taste for sweet Christmas treats, like this ice cream cocktail that gets a minty punch from both Branca Menta and peppermint schnapps. It’s better than any cookie and milk combo he’ll find at the bottom of a chimney.


There are so many memorable, gifable scenes from Elf, but one of the best involves Buddy eating candy-covered pasta. And this cocktail, based on Elvis’ favorite sandwich, gets at that crazy combination of sweet and savory flavors perfectly, with sweet tiki flavors of banana, pineapple and coconut mixed with just a bit of smoky bacon.

Santa’s Slay: Fireball Toddy


If you have never seen the greatest Christmas horror movie of all time, this is the year. Just make sure you have something as hot as the hell from which Bill Goldberg’s demonic Santa Claus comes.

Jack Frost: Ghost Story


Watch the trailer and this might seem like any old, feel-good, snowman-comes-to-life romp, but it starts with the protagonist dying in a car accident before being reincarnated as a giant pile of snowballs. Since this really is a ghost story at its heart, try watching it with the cocktail of the same name—a seasonally appropriate mix of bourbon, Fernet and hot cocoa.

Scrooged: Black Ink Martini


Bill Murray plays a fancy man, and a fancy man drinks a fancy Martini. But he’s also not a good guy, so his Martini is as black as his soul.

Jingle All the Way: Rocket Fuel


Jingle All the Way perfectly blends holiday joy and action hero, just like Rocket Fuel blends sweet Piña Colada with the power of 151.

A Charlie Brown Christmas: Eggnog


Linus probably disagrees, but for us, the real meaning of Christmas is a strong cup of Eggnog. If nothing else, it will help Charlie Brown destress while he tries to get that play off the ground.


“Guys, I’m eating garbage and watching rubbish!” We would never call this mix of Frangelico, chocolate and peanut butter whipped cream garbage, but it does resemble what Kevin is eating right out of a quart container of ice cream early on.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: Christmapolitan


Thanks to a spiced cranberry syrup and a pour of St-Germain, this bright cocktail is both festive and sweet enough for any man, elf or reindeer that lives up at Santa’s workshop. And the speared cranberry garnish has a real Rudolph’s nose thing going on.

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