The Top 10 Cocktail Instagrammers You Should Definitely Be Following


Instagram is a great tool for bartenders. It gives them a venue to show off their gorgeous new drinks while promoting their bars. But career bartenders aren’t the only spirited accounts worth following—you’re already following Supercall, right? Here, our top 10 favorite cocktail-centric Instagram accounts. Follow them and flood your feed with the most drool-worthy drinks.


Elliot Clark @apartment_bartender

One of the most well-known at-home mixologists on Instagram, Elliot Clark has mastered the art of drink porn. Whether it’s an alluring cocktail, a perfectly carved block of ice or even just a neat spirit, this guy knows how to keep us thirsty. Clark is currently planning to release a guide to drink-stagramming—if you’re looking to break into the game.


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Mike @mmydrinks

This home bartender whips up bright and simple cocktail recipes for his Instagram followers and captions them with stories about his inspiration and experience making them. We’re particularly obsessed with his walnut rye and banana shrub cocktail, inspired by his wife’s banana bread.

Women & Whiskies @womenandwhiskies

Originally a campaign from Campari America, Women & Whiskies seeks to both educate whiskey neophytes and encourage people to experiment with whiskey cocktails. Though the account primarily focuses on ladies and liquor, their gorgeous takes on whiskey classics—like this Grapefruit Whiskey Smash—will appeal to all genders.


Jason Plummer @barrelageddad

If you want to know more about the science behind a great cocktail, take a deep dive into this Insta account. Plummer frequently breaks down different mixology techniques—like how to achieve the perfect pour or why you should fat wash spirits. Even if you consider yourself a cocktail expert, Plummer’s colorful feed is worth a follow.


The Tipsy Muse @thetipsymuse

The Tipsy Muse’s cocktails are both moody and uplifting. Some cocktails we can picture sipping in a dark, leather-upholstered lounge, while others transport us to a sunny garden party. Either way, this mixologist knows the importance of keeping her garnish game on point.


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Spirit & Spoon @spiritandspoon

Los Angeles-based cocktail styling company Spirit & Spoon knows a thing or two about making a drink look pretty. Their clean and crisp photos of brightly-colored cocktails are straight up #drinkgoals.


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Andy Whitehead @liquorary

This cocktailian and father-of-two posts about his at-home bartending exploits (mixed in with a few photos of his adorable family), including approachable twists on classic cocktails, like a Winter Mojito made with peppermint syrup. He also operates an Etsy store of the same name, selling vintage glassware and barware.


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Mixology Art @mixologyart

An international consultancy company that designs dramatic cocktails for events and bar programs, Mixology Art is all about the wow factor. Scrolling through the account, you’ll find cocktails served in ice spheres, drinks served in birdcages and a whole lot of fire.


Three Drinks Ahead @threedrinksahead

While this account only just launched, it’s definitely one to watch. Cocktail enthusiast Zachary Goldberg recently founded this Instagram-based “Cinema Cocktail Club,” which features cocktails inspired by filmdom. Since its inception, Goldberg has posted cocktails themed to the 2017 Oscar Best Picture nominees, along with a rosemary-flavored cocktail to pair with Rosemary’s Baby—complete with a warning against using the drink for Satanic rituals.


World’s Cocktail Bible @wcocktailbible

If you want to keep up with what the whole world’s drinking, this is the account to follow. A curated selection of the most innovative, attractive and (it’s safe to assume) delicious cocktails from around the globe, the World’s Cocktail Bible will leave you inspired—and checking to make sure that passport is up to date.

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