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4 Ways to Buy Someone a Drink Without Ever Stepping Foot in a Bar


Giving someone a bottle of booze is great, but if your pal, family member, lover or Secret Santa prefers their alcohol mixed, then there’s nothing like giving the gift of a free drink (or five). Here, four ways to give a cocktail to everyone on your list this year without ever stepping foot in a bar.  

Hooch Gift Certificate

Hooch is like ClassPass for bars. The subscription-based app, which costs $9.99 a month, connects with bars in your area (really great bars) and offers you the chance to get one free drink a day from any of them. Now, you can give someone a Hooch gift certificate so they can try out the app and get a free drink every day on you. Choose from a three-month gift membership, six-month gift membership or 12-month gift membership. Right now, Supercall readers can get a discounted price on six- and 12-month memberships. Interested? Click here

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Cocktail Courier Subscription

If your giftee is somewhat savvy behind the bar (or is simply capable of following basic directions), send them a kit from Cocktail Courier. You can choose from a three-month ($150-$650), six-month ($300-$1,300) or year-long subscription ($600-$2,600), which will deliver everything needed to make delicious drinks—both classic and signature—to the lucky recipient’s front door every month (or every two weeks, or every week if you’re feeling very generous). Or, if that feels aggressive, you can send a mini kit ($30-$40), which comes packed with enough ingredients to make two signature cocktails like a Winter Gin & Tonic or Holiday Old Fashioned.

Edible Cocktail Gummies

Send the gift of chewable cocktails with Smith & Sinclair’s cocktail pastilles (£16-£26). The selection of sugar-dusted gummies includes Long Island High Tea (black tea-infused vodka and rum pastille coated in raspberry sugar), Gin & Tonic (violet-infused gin pastille coated in thyme sugar) and Whisky Sour (grapefruit-infused whisky pastille coated in grapefruit pith sugar). Or, if your friend prefers a little more jiggle in their giggle juice, try Ludlows’ pre-packaged Jelly Shots ($11 for 5 shots). Choices include Fresh Lime Margarita, Old Fashioned and Moscow Mule.

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Premade Cocktails

Help your pal stock their fridge full of ready-to-drink cocktails by buying them canned cocktails like Cutwater Spirits’ line of easy-drinking blends ($15 for a 4-pack). There’s everything from a cucumber-y Gin & Tonic to a richly flavored Rum & Cola to an extra-spicy Bloody Mary. You could also opt for a bottled cocktail like Hochstadter’s Slow & Low Rock & Rye ($22 for 750ml), The Handmade Cocktail Co.’s Negroni ($28 for 500ml), or even a big bottled Martini from Mr. Lyan ($30 for 500ml).

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