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15 Crazy Cool Shot Glasses You Can Buy Now


A round of shooters is the quickest way to get the party going, so we’re always looking to take our shot glasses to the next level. We’ve already engineered them out of everything from bacon to strawberries to Jolly Ranchers to toasted marshmallows, but if you’re not in the mood to DIY, these insane store-bought options are just as fun. Here, the 15 coolest shot glasses you can buy to make taking shots even more exciting.

Nope, definitely not creepy at all.


3D Printed Shot Glass Crawler ($57)

It’s way easier than a full-sized Das Boot.


Circleware Kick Back 6-Piece Shot Glass Set ($7)

This game of Tic-Tac-Toe escalated quickly.

Gifts for Men

Trashed Shot Glasses ($11)

Always be prepared for a round wherever you go.


BigMouth Inc Toilet Shots, Set of 2 ($11) 

Because we all secretly wish we were mermaids.


Mermaid Shot Glass ($8)

 For the friend who would take a bullet for you.

Patriot Depot

Bulletproof shot glass ($16)

Not all heroes wear capes (but some shot glasses do).


Animal Shot Glass ($16)

It’s like Russian Roulette, but everyone wins.


Barbuzzo Original Spin the Shot ($8)

For when you’re trying to break bad.

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Mad Scientist Shot Glass Bar Set ($40)

This double-decker glass holds a shot and a chaser—Jägerbombs anyone?


Quaffer Double Bubble Layered Shot Glass, Set of 4 ($10)

Nerd alert: These Star Wars shot glasses were made using the actual Stormtrooper helmet molds.

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