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The Best Cocktails to Order When You’re Drinking Alone


Drinking alone can be intimidating, but it’s actually one of our favorite ways to enjoy cocktails. A solo bar visit allows you to really concentrate on your cocktail (if you’re into that kind of thing), to drink something you wouldn’t normally order, or to find friends through the perfect beverage cues. If you’re nervous about drinking alone for the first time or if you’re a seasoned solo drinker, here are some cocktails you can order the next time you visit the bar by yourself.

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One of the OG cocktails, an Old Fashioned is best enjoyed in a low-key setting, with zero distractions. Your bartender will nod understandingly as you make your order. And even if no one else in the world gets you, the Old Fashioned understands. Pour out your thoughts into a lowball glass. This is drinking zen.

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You may be alone, but that's no reason you can't order two drinks. Ask for your favorite beer and shot combo, then enjoy both all by yourself. You can even place one in front of an empty seat to pretend you've got a drinking partner. Just don't start talking to your imaginary friend out loud.

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Don't think of drinking alone as a sad, lonesome activity. Think of it as an opportunity to treat yourself to a drink you otherwise wouldn't order. No one will be around to judge you for ordering up a fruity blended Daiquiri—except maybe the bartender, but who cares when you've got a bright slushie of rum to sip on.

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White Rum
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If you're out drinking in order to catch someone's eye or make a new friend, a Martini is a sociable drink choice. It's a respectable drink that won't get you any weird looks, but it's not as serious and contemplative as a stirred whiskey cocktail. Come prepared with your best small talk.

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Dry Vermouth
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Drinking alone means you can listen in on that couple next to you discussing their private relationship in very gritty detail, or watch that awkward dude interact with his father-in-law across the bar. But you can’t just spy on these good folks without a drink in hand—that would be weird. Assuming the bar offers a proper version with crushed ice (don’t go ordering a Mint Julep at any old dive), this is the perfect cocktail for slowly sipping as you soak up the drama of real life. The Mint Julep is basically designed for nursing, as the crushed ice melts to constantly refill the drink. Stretch out your rounds and try to listen with your best poker face.

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Simple Syrup
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On a warm day, that sun-dappled patio at the bar just calls to us. There are few greater joys in life than sitting alone, out in the sunshine, with a bright Spritz in hand and nothing for company but the fresh air and maybe a good book. Summer was made for this.

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You’re always telling yourself that you should learn more about new spirits like absinthe. There’s no better time to explore than when drinking alone. The classic Sazerac uses just a quarter-ounce of absinthe to rinse the glass (along with an optional spritz of absinthe over the top of the finished drink), so you get a tinge of the spirit’s unique flavor layered on top of a quality whiskey cocktail. Who knows? Maybe you’ll discover a passion for the green fairy and bring all your friends back to the bar to enjoy it with you next time.

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