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Born in the Year of the Dog? Here’s What That Means for Your Drinking


The Chinese Lunar New Year is Friday and those who celebrate it are about to usher in the Year of the Dog. For anyone born in the Year of the Dog (you can check what your Chinese zodiac sign is here) that means this is your year—well, actually, traditionally it’s the exact opposite. The year of anyone’s birth sign is supposed to be unlucky. But you can get through it with the help of a good drink. If you are born in the Year of the Dog, here’s what you should be drinking and where you should be drinking it.

What you should you drink for luck:

A dog’s lucky colors are red, green and purple, so if you’ve already been drinking Negronis, nice job, you’ve probably had great luck. If not, brighten up your drinking palette. If you don’t like the bitterness of a Negroni you can go with a deep red Bloody Mary, a lime green Last Word or the very purple The Cocktail Formerly Known As…  

What you shouldn’t drink:

Blue is an unlucky color for dogs (as are white and gold) so that means stay far, far away from the Blue Hawaii. And if there is a bottle of blue curaçao anywhere near you, throw it out the window immediately.  

What you’re likely to enjoy at the bar:

Dogs are cautious, so you may stick close to classic cocktails. An Old Fashioned or a Martini will be in your comfort zone. As the old saying goes, you can teach an old dog to like new drinks.

What you should do on a night out:

Because they tend to be active, dogs need proper rest, so try to avoid all night drinking sessions or closing down the bar. There’s nothing wrong with going home a little early.

How you act at the bar:

Dogs tend to look inward, so they aren’t likely to be striking up conversations with bartenders or fellow patrons. They’d rather just sit with their thoughts. Drinking alone is not for everyone, but it is for dogs.

The kind of bar you should go to:

Dogs are not known as great communicators and they don’t like crowded, energetic social situations. So they should feel at home in a good dive bar or a dimly lit cocktail lounge where you can order a beverage and drink it in silence without anyone trying to chat you up.

The kind of bar you should avoid:

Stay away from the opposite of those dark, quiet, hopefully empty bars. You won’t like karaoke bars, boisterous sports bars or any place that offers bottle service.

Keep all that in mind as you fill your glasses this year. And ganbei everyone.

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