The Funniest Drinks We Found on Reddit


Ah Reddit, Frontpage Of The Internet and home of viral memes, TIL and AMA. There are a number of brilliant, creative and knowledgeable posters who have a lot to teach the world, and then are the people who created these cocktails. While we thank the good members of the Reddit community for their work, we will not be sampling these crazy concoctions any time soon.

The Struggle

Ingredients: Your last bottle of alcohol, a juicebox

Sometimes, at the end of a long a day, you discover that all you have left in the fridge is a bottle of flavored vodka and a juice box. What are you going to do? Not drink them?

Hail cocktails

Ingredients: Whiskey, basil, hailstones that might have dented your car

My friend made the best of a violent hail storm. Hail cocktails! from r/funny

Who needs a Clinebell when Mother Nature provides?  

The Eclipse

Ingredients: Jägermeister

Today's featured cocktail, The Eclipse, yes that is a pint of Jägermeister from r/funny

Yes, according to the consumer of this “cocktail,” it is 16 ounces of Jäger garnished with an orange slice. We’ll see you in a few hours when you finally finish that.

Garnished Budweiser

Ingredients: Strawberry, spinach, blueberry, tortilla, Budweiser

My boyfriend asked if I wanted a cocktail. This was the result. from r/funny

If you don’t like Bloody Marys, you can still have fun with your garnishes. Or at least you can stack them on top of a beer can.


Ingredients: Baileys, peach liqueur, grenadine

Sperm cocktail from r/funny

Bad translation? Gross bartender? Yeah, we don’t know either. But we did manage to trace that logo to a hotel in the resort town of Palanga, Lithuania. So if you’re ever on a trip to the Baltic, let us know how it is.

Tide Pod Shot

Ingredients: Blue curacao, white chocolate liqueur, orange vodka

Tide Pods Shot from r/funny

Relive the brief period in time when bored teenagers were eating laundry detergent with this multi-colored shot. You’ll probably have to make it yourself, though, because the bars around the country that started promoting these shots got in trouble both online and in real life.

Rum and Coke

Ingredients: Vodka and Coke

Rum and coke from r/funny

Be honest, if you’re ordering a drink from a place that only has two cocktails on the menu and one of them is Rum and Coke, you absolutely do not care what you’re drinking as long as it contains alcohol.

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