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5 Drinks for the “Gilmore Girls” Revival


If you’ve been obsessively watching the trailers for Netflix’s Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life for the past few weeks, it’s safe to assume you’ll be watching all four new episodes over Thanksgiving weekend. But before you kick off your hours of binge watching (and re-binge watching) Rory and Lorelai’s new adventures in Stars Hollow, we recommend making a couple of cocktails to remember the old times. Yes, coffee is involved, but you might want to hold out on the tequila shot until the end of the last episode, or else, like Lorelai, you might be a little fuzzy on the details the next morning.

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While Lorelai and Rory are far more likely to ask WWTBCD (“What Would the Barefoot Contessa Do,” for those who need a refresher), neither would turn down this Paula Deen-inspired coffee cocktail thanks to its sheer excess. It’s also a good way to keep your senses sharp, and your hands nice and toasty for the first installment of the revival, “Winter.” Of course, if you’re not up for making cherry-washed bourbon, an Irish Coffee will satisfy the intense “coffee, coffee, coffee!” craving nicely. Luke does not approve this message.

The Essentials

Cherry Bourbon
Sorghum syrup
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During Friday night dinners, Emily’s frustrations with Lorelai often manifested themselves at the drinks cart. Lorelai likes her Martini with an olive, so, naturally, she often receives it with a twist or onion knocking around the bottom of the glass. But no matter which garnish you prefer, sipping such a potent drink will undoubtedly make you feel more like a Gilmore.

The Essentials

Dry Vermouth
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Like Sookie’s deep fried turkey incident, Thanksgiving with family might leave you asking, “Am I laughing or crying?” And since your Gilmore Girls binge will likely be on the tail of this year’s holiday, we recommend having a bottle of tequila on hand. Remember: Two of the stages of emotional grief are served on the rocks with salt.

The Essentials

Blanco Tequila
Lime Juice
Agave Nectar
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Though plenty of classy cocktails make appearances throughout all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls, there are also a few defining moments involving cheap beer—from Lane’s ill-advised phone call to her mother at a keg-fueled house party to Marty falling asleep in the wrong dorm in his birthday suit. So it only seems right to enjoy a cold one during the show’s revival—even if it is dressed up with hot sauce and tomato juice. Luke would approve.

The Essentials

Hot Sauce
Maggi Sauce
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We may never know exactly what Miss Patty puts in her Founder’s Day Punch but—like Rory, Paris and Lane discovered in Season 5—it packs a wallop. Or, as Rory so delicately explains, “Miss Patty’s leftover punch is used to remove tar from construction sites.” This Fish House Punch recipe has a similar effect and is a great large format recipe for anyone hosting a watch party. But you might want to stay away from the red solo cups and sip this out of a daintier vessel—a little goes a long way.

The Essentials

dark rum
peach brandy

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