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Everyone loves glitter. From pastries, to clothes, to the Mariah Carey film, glitter makes everything better—even cocktails. We transformed three classic cocktails into shimmering masterpieces, turning the Champagne cocktail into a glitzy cotton candy dream, the Amaretto Sour into a chrome masterpiece and the Whisky Highball into a golden haze. They’re perfect for a decadent New Years Eve soirée, your next glam disco dance party, or whenever you want to score 1,000 likes on Instagram.

Marisa Chafetz / Supercall
Essentially a Japanese Highball dressed for a night out on the town, this glittertail mixes lustrous dust (available online under the name Disco Dust) with Japanese whisky, soda and a couple dashes of Bittermens Hopped Grapefruit bitters for a subtle, citrusy twist. Mix this easy drink up when a standard Highball just won’t do.

The Essentials

Japanese Whisky
Gold Lustre Dust
Soda Water
Marisa Chafetz / Supercall
This chrome-colored tipple gets its vibrant silvery-hue from a dusting of edible spray paint (available online). As statuesque as a piece of Art Deco architecture, this cocktail is essentially a glittery variation on the Amaretto Sour made with a split base of blended scotch, applejack and amaretto, fresh lemon and orange juice, and egg whites. It tastes like an Italian almond cookie dipped in an Orange Julius and (fair warning) it will leave you with shimmering silver lips.

The Essentials

Egg White
Edible silver spray paint
Marisa Chafetz / Supercall
This whimsical take on a Champagne Cocktail combines glitzy edible glitter with sparkling wine and a puff of cotton candy. As the wine hits the spun sugar, the candy melts into the glass and sets the glitter off into a vortex of glimmering beauty. It’s so easy to make, but the wow factor is undeniable.

The Essentials

Edible Glitter
Cotton Candy

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