Drink Your Sushi!


Do you love sushi? Like, really love sushi? We're talking obsession worthy levels of love that entail dressing your cat up like tabby-maki and ordering so much for delivery that the restaurant gives you three sets of chopsticks (even though it’s just you eating). For those of you who fall into that category, we designed two sushi-inspired cocktails that go way beyond sake bombs: one for roll-lovers and one for sashimi-fiends.  

Inspired by the clean, crisp flavors of sashimi, our take on a classic Saketini is a simple mix of gin and umeboshi-infused sake (umeboshi are pickled, salted plums). The resulting cocktail is like a perfect bite of fish: a touch salty, slightly grassy and just a little funky. To cap everything off, we garnish the cocktail with a slice of raw cured mackerel topped with a dollop of spicy wasabi-infused fish roe, and a pickled scallion.

The Essentials

This cocktail is for the sushi lovers out there who always order the special house roll—one filled with eight different kind of fish, five different toppings and, preferably, blow-torched. A spicy, nori-hued  take on a Bloody Mary, it’s made with briny clam broth, sinus-clearing wasabi, green jalapeño Tabasco, fresh tomatillo juice and, of course, a good slug of vodka. The pickled ginger garnish will make you rethink the usual celery stick.

The Essentials

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