How to Throw an Awards Show Cocktail Party


We might not care who’s nominated, but we’ll always get psyched for an awards show. The glitzy, star-studded events give us the perfect excuse to throw a Champagne-drenched cocktail party. Here, how to host the best awards show viewing party ever, complete with boozy snacks, elegant cocktails and fun activities.  

Set the party mood with sparkly decor and cheeky bingo cards

Awards shows are all about glitz and glam, and your viewing party should be no different. Deck the halls with black and gold balloons, set the table with glittered up Champagne bottles and roll out a red carpet on the front steps. Before the night kicks off, give all of your guests these printable Supercall Award Show Bingo Cards. For every square your guests check off throughout the red carpet pre-show and the awards show ceremony, have them take a sip of their cocktail. If someone yells “Bingo!” instruct them to finish their cocktail. Then fix them another, and keep the night and the game going.

Make next-level, boozy popcorn

Popcorn is the go-to viewing party snack, but you’re not going to impress anyone with a half-popped, oily bag of microwaved buttered popcorn. Step up your game with a variety of homemade popcorns flavored with tasty spirits. Our favorite recipes include sweet and sticky Bourbon-Glazed Caramel Corn, zesty and savory Margarita Popcorn, and bright and spicy Dark & Stormy Caramel Corn. Pick one flavor for a small gathering, or please the masses by making all three.

Serve glamorous, themed cocktails

Start the party off strong and keep it going with these three award show-themed cocktails. You’ll need them for the Bingo game and when the show inevitably goes into overtime.

This colorful cocktail is ready for its closeup. A light and bubbly mix of gin, Champagne and tart cranberry juice, it’s the perfect cocktail to sip while watching the pre-show red carpet coverage, skewering the biggest fashion fails and gasping at the show-stoppers.

The Essentials

cranberry juice
So what if your acting career never took off, and you can’t carry a tune to save your life? This potable golden statuette is way better than any real award. Sparkly both inside and out, this glittery drink is garnished with gold flecks and filled with cinnamon-flavored Goldschlager, bourbon and Champagne.

The Essentials

While the women’s dazzling gowns are certainly the show’s fashion highlights, we have to give credit to the men for looking so dapper in their tuxedos (even if they pretty much all look the same). This white chocolate martini, rimmed with its own black tie of dark chocolate sauce, is the best way to close out the evening. It’s smooth and simple, just like the men who grace the silver screen.

The Essentials

white chocolate liqueur
half and half

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