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19 Brilliant Tattoo Ideas for Beer Lovers


A nice cold beer is one of life’s great simple pleasures. And just as there are awesome tattoo designs for cocktail and wine lovers, there are incredible tattoos for beer fanatics to consider if they want to take their devotion to the next level. From whimsical cartoons to traditional-style art pieces to geometric, abstract designs, these beer tattoos make us want to book an appointment for new ink—and break into a frosty six pack. Get your love for suds inked for life with one of these 19 amazing beer tattoos.

Besties that brewski together, stay together:

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When you wouldn’t be caught dead with any other drink:

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Bow down before the king of brews:

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Beer + snacks = heaven:

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Nothing better than the sound of cracking open a cold one:

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Hops make for an interesting design:

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When your heart bleeds sudsy brews:

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For beer fans who have a lot in common with Homer Simpson:

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For brewing nerds only:

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These adorable beer tats make us squeal with delight:

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All hail Osmotar, Finnish goddess of beer:

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