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The Bloody Caesar Is a Funkier Version of the Bloody Mary

The Essentials

clamato juice
worcestershire sauce
Bar Spoon
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While the origins of this briny brunch drink are widely disputed, restaurant manager Walter Chell was the first to actually call the clam juice-enhanced cocktail a Bloody Caesar when he whipped one up at the Calgary Inn in 1969 to celebrate the hotel’s new Italian restaurant and bar.

Canada quickly took to the cocktail, which swaps out a Bloody Mary’s tomato juice for Clamato. In fact, the Caesar is so beloved that it is considered to be the country’s unofficial official national drink and Canadians all over the world celebrate National Caesar Day every May. If you've ever had a Michelada with Clamato, the funky flavors may be familiar to you: salty, sour, and fishy. Down this alongside your favorite breakfast spread.

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