Photo by Marisa Chafetz for Supercall

Rum • Bitter
The Malibu Cocktail Gets a Bittersweet Makeover in This Easy Recipe

The Essentials

Zucca Rabarbaro
Mesh Strainer

Malibu cocktails don’t have to be sweet. In fact, the coconut rum has a place in cocktails that are downright bitter. Cody Held, a bartender at Zero Restaurant in the Zero George hotel in Charleston, South Carolina, uses a mix of two Italian amari—Zucca and Campari—to balance Malibu’s sweet flavor. He shakes everything together with lemon juice, Peychaud’s bitters and two pieces of salted pineapple, which deepen the tropical flavors without adding too much sweetness. Garnished with a bright, beautiful flower, this sunny sipper is perfect for serving at a garden soiree.