Photo by Matthew Kelly for Supercall

Whiskey • Sweet
Apple Pie Shot

The Essentials

butterscotch schnapps
apple cider

While you could spend the whole day picking apples in an orchard to make the perfect apple pie, lattice crust and all, we prefer to stay cozy at home, drinking these easy apple pie shots. A Fireball Cinnamon Whisky base brings those baking spice flavors and a little heat, while butterscotch schnapps rounds out of the rest of the shot with unmistakable sweetness, reminiscent of a buttery pastry crust. Lemon juice keeps things from getting too sweet, and, of course, apple cider captures that warm, inviting feeling of fall. While you can use apple juice if that’s all that’s available to you, apple cider gives the shot that bright and tangy flavor of a real apple pie—just like mom used to make (only a lot boozier).