Cure Your Inner Sunburn With Aloe Cocktails

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If you’re like us (pale, but still desperate for solar satisfaction), then you know the summertime drill: Put on sunscreen, go outside, get sunburnt regardless of how much sunscreen we put on, hurt, bathe in bright green aloe vera gel, and feel okay again. Inevitably, this cycle of self destruction leaves us as (metaphorically) achy and burnt on the inside as we are (literally) on the outside. So we decided to add some of that glorious skin-quenching succulent to our booze.

While we’d never let aloe gel within a beach towel’s length of a cocktail, there are plenty of alternatives that are actually safe to ingest, including aloe water, tea, syrups and liqueur—all of which can work wonders in a drink. So when you’ve reached peak inner burn, here are three soothing aloe cocktails to help.

This drink’s ruby red hue comes from strawberry liqueur rather than the sun’s vicious rays. The drink also includes white rum, rhum agricole and a fantastic syrup made from aloe tea and pandan leaves. It’s reminiscent of strawberry Jell-O—but way better. It’s just the thing to cool down that inner burn.

The Essentials

white rum
honey syrup
Cooling aloe syrup gets a soothing helping hand from cucumber juice in this extra-refreshing take on a Gin & Tonic. The syrup is made with pineapple and aloe water (readily available at any health food store or Asian market), which gives the drink a tropical kick. It’s a day on the beach (and the cure for a day on the beach) in one great cocktail.

The Essentials

cucumber juice
pineapple syrup
This cocktail is so chill it doesn’t need ice to keep cool—instead, it’s garnished and kept frosty with a honeydew creamsicle. After building the mix of vegetal cachaça, tart lime, fresh cucumber and aloe liqueur, stir everything together with the creamy melon pop. It gives the drink a silky texture—plus it’s a great snack between sips. Your heat-scorched body will thank you.

The Essentials

aloe liqueur
coconut water

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