3 Easy-to-Make Boozy Marmalades


Back in Little House on the Prairie times, the end of summer was a time for preservation. Homesteaders hunkered down in their kitchens to pickle, can and jam, so that they may still enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of summer long into the cold, cold winter. These days, grocery stores have all but erased this tradition. But what if we introduced tequila and whiskey into the mix? Would you be more willing to jam on some jam if it tasted like your favorite cocktail?

Here, three easy marmalade recipes for delicious, happy hour-worthy spreads.

The reigning king of cocktails, the Negroni, is made for boozy marmalade. This version, which puts both oranges and grapefruit to work, is the definition of a classic marmalade—until you add Campari to the mix. Not only does the Italian aperitif lend a beautiful crimson color to the spread, it also gives it a subtly herbaceous twang. Spread a little over brie and crackers for an edible accompaniment to the real deal cocktail.

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If you’re into sour candies and love the flavor of whiskey, this tart marmalade is just what your morning toast needs. A blend of lemons and limes soaked in whiskey and mixed with sugar, it tastes remarkably like a super tart Whiskey Sour. Even though the alcohol cooks off, the whiskey aroma remains thanks to the fruit’s overnight booze bath.

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If you’re not into sweet marmalades, try this savory bacon-and-onion spread instead. Inspired by the Bloody Maria, it’s a little salty thanks to the bacon and a little sweet from the onion. Then it gets a balsamic vinegar tang, just enough salt and pepper, and a smoky-spicy kick from the tequila. If you’re feeling feisty, you can even blend a couple of tablespoons of this marmalade into tomato juice for an instant Bloody Marmalade Maria (we came up with that name all by ourselves).

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