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3 Flaskable Whiskey Cocktails That are Perfect for Camping


Camping is one of the great summer pastimes, connecting us with nature and giving people a reason to buy fancy outdoor gear they only use once a year. As for drinks, the usual formula couldn't be simpler. Toss some bourbon or red wine in your pack and you’re good to go. But while camping does throw some barriers up against high-quality cocktailing (no ice, no running water, barware is heavy) they're nothing you can't work around. These flaskable cocktails require no refrigeration, are easily built in a single vessel and are guaranteed to make campfire storytime more entertaining.

A few general principles to remember when mixing flaskable drinks:

  • Make something that tastes good warm (these cocktails use whiskey as their main spirit for a reason).
  • Ditch any ingredient that will oxidize or spoil. A rancid-tasting cocktail is worse than no cocktail at all. And food poisoning is no fun in the middle of the woods. That means no citrus, fresh juices or eggs.
  • Make 'em strong. Liquids are heavy and you have to lug these things to the campsite. Plus they need to last multiple days. Make sure a little goes a long way.
See you in the woods!

Perhaps one of the most famous cocktails to come out of New Orleans, the Sazerac packs a punch with both rye whiskey and absinthe contributing to its flavor profile. To rinse the flask, simply add the absinthe, twist the cap closed and give it a few good tumbles between your hands before pouring out the excess. A lemon twist is called for, but sometimes we make do without. If you're feeling fancy, pack a lemon separately and garnish to your heart's content.

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Like the island that shares its name, the Manhattan is a strong, sweet cocktail that leaves you feeling toasty from the inside out. Plus it tastes great warm and is perfect for passing around the fire while marshmallows are roasting. Go easy on the vermouth if you want to keep it drier, a plus when sipping at room temp. Bring brandied cherries for a garnish that doubles as a snack.

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Sweet Vermouth
Warm gin is nobody's idea of a good time. If you want to scratch your Negroni itch in the woods, we recommend bringing its whiskey-fueled cousin, the Boulevardier. Made with bourbon or rye, Campari and sweet vermouth, the classic recipe calls for equal parts, but you can adjust the strength by upping the whiskey content. Feel free to bring a separate citrus garnish, but know that this thing still tastes good without it.

The Essentials

Sweet Vermouth

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