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3 Gallon-Sized Cocktails to Take Anywhere

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It doesn’t matter if you’re at the beach, on a picnic in the park or camping in the wilderness—a day spent in the great outdoors is always better with drinks. And while we have no issue with a simple six-pack of brewskis, cocktails are a worthwhile upgrade.

“Cocktails outside?” you’re saying. “It can’t be done! Think about the sand and dirt-caked limes and bottles!” We did think about that and have come up with a few easy ways to serve cocktails in less than accommodating settings—Sand-tinis not included. All that’s required is a bit of pre-prep and a gallon-sized jug.

Each of these large format drinks is not only highly sippable, but also super easy to transport: You can make them in a simple gallon jug with a handle, or go a more eco-friendly route by rescuing old glass milk jugs from your local thrift store or recycling juice containers—all of which fit easily into a cooler and make for mess-free refills.

Whenever you venture into al fresco territory, be prepared with one of these easy gallon-size cocktails.

Loved Hi-C as a kid? This large-batch, rum-spiked twist on a fruit punch will be both nostalgic and spirit-lifting. It couldn’t be simpler to throw together the three fruit juices, frozen lemonade and full bottle of rum. And don’t worry about it being overly sweet—a bottle of tart cranberry juice (not cranberry juice cocktail) rounds out the flavor. Mix some up; an epic beach party awaits

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If stirred gin drinks speak to you more than fruity rum punches, try this gallon-sized take on a White Negroni. But watch yourself: Two full bottles of gin means a wallop is in store for anyone that dares fill their Solo cup to the brim. Those who want to lighten it up can top the cocktail off with soda water and a refreshing cucumber slice (which, after soaking in the cocktail, happens to make a great beach snack).

Tip: To make sure there’s enough cucumber aroma in each cocktail, take the bitters to the beach and top each drink with a few dashes before serving.

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London dry gin
Salers Aperitif
dry vermouth
Inspired by the Hemingway Daiquiri, the tequila-based Siesta cocktail takes drinkers to the highlands of Jalisco rather than the beaches of Cuba. But this large format version of the sweet-tart cocktail happens to be perfect for sandy shores—be they in Mexico, Cuba or even New Jersey. Great with beach-friendly snacks like chips and salsa or watermelon wedges, the drink is made with two whole bottles of blanco tequila, which create a sturdy base for limeade, grapefruit juice, amaro and smoked salt-infused syrup.

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Cappelletti Aperitivo
grapefruit juice
blanco tequila

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