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5 Yacht-tails for Sipping at Sea


While pirates prefer to chug their rum straight from the bottle and speed-boaters typically opt for a six-pack of cold brewskies, the yachting community is much more likely to offer you something in the spritz or sour family. Our kind of boating. Yacht-tails, as we’ve come to call them, tend toward the colorful and low-ABV, which keeps captains agile and ensures nautical safety during daylong outings (and prevents gossip around the club).

So slip into your Sperrys, throw on some breton stripes and grab your finest sailor’s cap because Supercall is hitting the high seas. And we’re bringing cocktails (duh).

Looking to show off your summer bod on deck? When it was introduced in the early 20th century in Italy, Aperol was marketed as the aperitif for the physique-minded, offering a lighter alternative to liqueurs like Campari. Combine this bright and bitter liqueur with soda and Prosecco and you have yourself a spritz, the ultimate easy summer refreshment.

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This classic 1940s tiki cocktail from Trader Vic is like a sunburnt Daiquiri. White rum, orange liqueur and maraschino come together in a rosy slushy after a quick spin in the blender. As its name implies, the Beachcomber is perfect for those sailing between sandy shores.

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White Rum
The Midori Sour, along with Midori itself, premiered at the Studio 54 nightclub in 1978, giving the drink instant cred among the party set. The vibrant green color and sweet melony flavor make this sour a striking and refreshing option for a sunny afternoon at sea. Plus, just think of how well it will complement your paisley ascot.

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Fresh Lemon Juice
The Pink Lady gets its distinctive hue from grenadine, which has earned it a reputation of being a “girly drink.” The cocktail is anything but. A mix of gin and shaken egg whites, it’s bolstered by the addition of apple brandy, landing it in that perfect sweet spot between gulpable and stiffly spirited. Frothy and tangy, the Pink Lady is perfect for sailors of all genders, assuming they enjoy a great gin cocktail.

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The sweet, almond-flavored Amaretto is often relegated to hot, wintertime holiday beverages, but the citrus in this sour easily revives the nutty liqueur for sunnier days. The liqueur hails from Italy, so if anyone challenges your drink choice, just tell them you developed a taste for Amaretto Sours while sailing down the Amalfi Coast.

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Lemon Juice

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