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Win Your Game Day Party with These Jello Shots


On February 5, the New England Patriots will take on the Atlanta Falcons for the championship title. Whether you’re watching the game for the brutal competition or you just want to see what Lady Gaga has in store for her halftime performance, your viewing party will be woefully incomplete without the proper refreshments. And when it comes to game day, the proper refreshments are Jello Shots.

For die-hard fans, we crafted the perfect color-coordinated Jello Shots, and for the neutral crowd, we whipped up a Shandy-flavored, football jiggler. No matter if you’re the host or a guest, get your gameday spirit on point with these three Jello Shots and wiggle your way through a thrilling four quarters.

Matthew Kelly/Supercall
The New England Patriots are a divisive team—you either love them and sport their gear wherever you go, or you hate them and drop references to the Deflategate scandal whenever possible. But regardless of your team affiliations, this red, white and blue stunner of a Jello Shot is sure to satisfy. It’s equal parts boozy and delicious, packing a ton of sweet berry flavor. The three-decker dessert starts with a layer of vodka-spiked Berry Blue Jell-O and ends on an equally spirited Strawberry Jell-O note, with a neutral stripe of creamy white gelatin in between. In other words, it won’t let your Super Bowl party fall flat (sorry, Pats fans).

The Essentials

Strawberry Jell-O
sweetened condensed milk
The Falcons are the undeniable underdogs in this year’s showdown—this is only their second championship game appearance ever. So this bittersweet Fernet and Campari-laced Jello Shot is a fitting tribute to the birds. The bitter Italian amari may not be your go-to spirits for Jello Shots, but they’re potent, flavorful and will leave a lasting impression on your party guests. The first layer is a blend of Pomegranate Jell-O and Campari—a fruity, herbal blend that works surprisingly well together—while the final layer is an unforgiving Fernet-based kick in the pants. Complete with a sweet, milky white layer in between, this powerful shot will turn heads and take names.

The Essentials

Knox unflavored gelatin
If you’re watching the big game for the halftime show and commercials—or if you’re just in it for the snacks and drinks—you might be more inclined to go for this unaffiliated shot. It melds a pale ale with lemonade for a wonderfully jiggly take on the classic Shandy. The resulting shot is a hoppy, citrusy amalgam that will pair nicely with everything from guacamole to a loaded baked potato. Cut these shots into football shapes for a presentation worthy of excessive celebration.

The Essentials

pale ale
unflavored gelatin
lemon juice

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