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Avocado isn’t just a topping for toast or an ingredient in your post-gym green smoothie—it’s also a surprisingly awesome cocktail ingredient. Mildly sweet and wonderfully creamy, everyone’s favorite sandwich-extra can be blended into a spiked shake, cooked into a syrup or even infused directly into a spirit. Sweet or savory, healthy or indulgent, the options for avo-cocktails are limited only by your willingness to overload your Instagram followers with vibrant, verdant drinks. Here, four of the best avo-cocktails around from bartenders across the country.

Jesse Carr of Balise in New Orleans was inspired to make this cocktail after he tasted the unusual blend of avocado and chocolate milk and, against all odds, liked it. A mix of an easy-to-make avocado-infused pisco, strawberry liqueur, honey, fresh lemon juice and crème de cacao, it’s a beautifully balanced drink, perfect for before or after dinner. The name “Seriokai’s Trail” comes from a Guyanese tale of a vengeful avocado farmer who followed a trail of avocados to his unfaithful wife at the end of the world. Maybe if she had just offered him this creamy, sweet drink as an apology, he would have been less bitter.

The Essentials

Avocado Pisco
crème de cacao
crème de fraise
Avocado smoothies are all the rage, especially among the health-conscious crowd at vegetarian tapas bar Ladybird in New York’s Greenwich Village. There, beverage director Ariel Arce satisfies her customers’ green juice craving with a light Champagne-spiked avocado slushy, enriched with shiso syrup and brightened with cucumber juice. It may not be paleo, but it’s so good, you won’t regret blending yourself a second one for a bottomless avocado brunch.

The Essentials

shiso syrup
This avocado cocktail from San Francisco’s Trick Dog began as a joke, when bar manager Morgan Schick threatened to make a cocktail with an avocado-based salad dressing. However, once Schick actually gave avocado some thought and came up with the idea to combine the fruit with almond milk, the cocktail practically made itself. The drink’s name is derived from the 1884 presidential election, when Dr. Samuel D. Burchard blamed the Democrats for “rum [Prohibition], Romanism [Catholicism] and rebellion [the Civil War].” Namesake aside, no one can be blamed for loving this mixture of rum, Suze and avocado milk.

The Essentials

Don Q Anejo Rum
Avocado Milk
Cinnamon Syrup
Nearly every ingredient in this smoky-savory cocktail from L.A.’s Melrose Umbrella Co. is green: avocado, matcha green tea, lime juice—even the mezcal, which is made from the so-called “green agave.” Co-owner Zach Patterson infused avocado into an agave syrup, so the cocktail is lighter than most avocado-based drinks, but its rich green hue won’t let you forget about the silky fruit within. Blink and the tasty drink will be gone—just in time to wish up another.

The Essentials

plum-infused mezcal
Avocado Syrup
matcha powder

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