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3 Cocktails to Serve With Breakfast in Bed


Breakfast in bed is a dying art. Too rarely is the tray dusted off and the waffle iron warmed up. Maybe you did it once for mom on Mother’s Day or surprised your beau on your last anniversary, but we think breakfast in bed shouldn’t be reserved for special occasions. It should be a bi-weekly event, an impromptu Saturday delivery to an ailing roommate, or simply a nice gesture for someone special on a Sunday. It should also come with cocktails.

We all crave something different for breakfast, whether it’s a sweet, syrupy waffle or a lumberjack spread of bacon, eggs and toast. So we chose three of the best breakfasts out there and paired them with specialty cocktails that complement the flavors in each dish. Place them on a tray, add a daisy in a vase and do your part to revive the age-old tradition.

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The classic, all-American breakfast of sunny side up eggs, bacon and toast is a hangover killer, a belly filler and an all-around no-brainer when it comes to Sunday morning eats. Such a savory start to the day is begging for a light, effervescent cocktail that’ll add sweetness to the mix and cut through some of the fatty goodness. Chef Antoine Westermann of New York’s Le Coq Rico knows a thing or two about expertly-prepared eggs and exactly what to pair with them. “The Harry Rico uses flavorful passion fruit purée to brighten the morning and give an acidic balance to all of brunch's rich delights,” he says. “I love using thyme with fruits like passion fruit, apricot and peaches because it’s a flavor combination that connects us to sunny memories and boosts the mood, too.” This low-ABV delight is especially perfect if you want a hair of the dog remedy that won’t knock you off your feet.

The Essentials

sparkling wine
passion fruit purée
thyme syrup
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You can’t deny the hunger-slaying power of homemade pancakes or waffles in the morning. But even the sweetest of tooths can sometimes be overwhelmed by all the accompanying fruit, maple syrup and whipped cream first thing in the morning. Unless, of course, the meal comes with a refreshing, balanced drink to cut some of the sweetness. At Miami’s Yardbird, Daniel Toral pairs the restaurant’s over-the-top strawberry dulce de leche waffles with this ultra-refreshing gin and apple cider cocktail. “It has a tart finish that works with multiple flavor profiles and cuts the sweetness of a waffle or pancake dish,” he says. “It drinks like lemonade, which helps reset your palate after every bite and swig.”

The Essentials

apple cider
Hard cider
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The bagel and lox sandwich has earned a bit of a cult following—as well it should. Nothing beats cold, cured salmon piled high on a toasty everything bagel with a generous slathering of cream cheese and a topping of tomatoes and capers. So we decided to honor the morning masterpiece with an equally mouthwatering cocktail. Refreshing cucumber vodka gets a sweet and tangy kick from a homemade beet shrub and fresh lemon juice, while a sprinkling of everything bagel seasoning nods to the classic breakfast base. A sliced cucumber twirled around the inside of the glass takes it into showstopping territory. This is your bagel’s new BFF.

The Essentials

Cucumber Vodka
Beet Shrub
Lemon Juice

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