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If You Drink Sauvignon Blanc, You’ll Love These 6 Cocktails


Sauvignon Blanc is easy drinking. It’s light and crisp, pairs with darn near everything, and comes cheap. But on the occasions that you want something stronger, it’s easy to mix up a cocktail that evokes the white wine’s grassy, funky, lightly fruity flavors. Sauvignon Blanc drinkers will love these six tasty cocktails that don’t take much more effort to make than popping a cork.

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Pisco, the unaged grape spirit from Peru and Chile, is basically a high-ABV version of Sauvignon Blanc. Its grassy, vegetal and sour unripe fruit notes are best highlighted in this nimble Sour, especially when it’s made properly with limón and Peruvian bitters.

The Essentials

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Think of this turn of the century shaved ice cocktail as a white wine version of Frosé. It combines a dry white wine with egg white for a velvety texture, lemon and orange juices for pep, simple syrup for balance, and white rum for a bold punch. Because this was originally an upperclass cocktail, it even gets a topping of Champagne for an extra dry mouthfeel. Making it with Sauvignon Blanc would only deepen the heady flavors and heighten the drink’s fruity side.

The Essentials

white rum
white wine
orange juice
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Sauvignon’s funky and fruity tastes can give the wine a tropical character reminiscent of grapefruit and melon. This exotic cocktail may look sweeter and heavier than a dry vinophile might like, but a topping of sparkling wine keeps it from thickening too much or teetering on saccharine.

The Essentials

Rhum Agricole
pink guava purée
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Cucumber and blackberry is an uncommon flavor combination to most soda drinkers, but it’ll seem awfully familiar to habitual Sauvignon sippers. While learning that La Croix makes a perfect homage to your favorite wine might already be enough to send you into a bougie tizzy, take it over the top by combining the garden sparkler with green chile vodka and blackberry crème de mûre in this refined, yet lively take on the Bramble.

The Essentials

Green Chile Vodka
Crème de Mûre
Muré Pepino La Croix
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If you concentrate on Sauvignon Blanc’s deeper notes, you’ll taste a whisper of smoke hanging around in the grapey rafters. This grown-up lemonade similarly highlights bright citrus with mezcal’s smoky tinge, which compliments the savory green basil vodka base. It’s herbaceous, sour, earthy and just a bit sooty (in a good way).

The Essentials

Lemon Juice
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After a long day, all you want to do is melt into a glass (or bottle) of wine, and this cachaça cocktail is the relaxing escape you need. The herbaceous spirit is lightly sweetened with honeydew and coconut water, and made slightly bitter and acidic with agave-like aloe vera liqueur. It’s even stirred with a honeydew creamsicle, so there’s no need to pull out cocktail tools during your chill sesh.

The Essentials

aloe liqueur
coconut water

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