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5 Tough-Guy Cocktail Orders


You don’t have to wear a road-rashed leather jacket or be covered in tattoos to seem tough when you walk into a dive. You just have to walk in with confidence, casually lean against the bar, and order the right drink. Sure, you could just order bourbon neat or tequila on the rocks or a glass of warm gin (nothing’s tougher than warm gin), but what if you’re a cocktail drinker? What do you do then? Lucky for you, there are a few mixed drinks that you can order while still maintaining your bar crowd cred. Request one of these cocktails, and no one will mess with you.

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Beer is a decent tough guy order. As is a shot whiskey. Put the two together and you have yourself a face-punch of a drink. Take the shot and drink the beer separately, or pour the shot directly into the ale; it’s your call, big guy.  

The Essentials

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Did you just order a cocktail with a side of tetanus? No, you ordered a two-ingredient scotch cocktail. It sounds tough. It looks tough. But it’s actually sweet and easy—just like you are, under all that scar tissue and chest hair.

The Essentials

blended scotch
lemon twist
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Moonshine not fiery enough for you? The Prairie Fire gets a hit of hot sauce for a shot so powerful it might as well come with a muscle car and a set of brass knuckles.

The Essentials

Hot Sauce
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Leave the gun, take the scotch. Named for every bruiser’s favorite movie (besides Goodfellas and Casino, of course), this strong, dark drink is made with scotch and sweet, nutty amaretto. If anyone challenges you about the addition of amaretto, just remind them about that horse head scene. They’ll back off.

The Essentials

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Ordered with enough self-assurance and confidence, any drink can seem like a tough order—including this infamously fruity libation. It’s the Boy Named Sue principle. If you’re brave enough to order one of these anywhere that’s not Spring Break ‘97, you can handle anything.

The Essentials

Peach Schnapps
Orange Juice

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