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3 Ultra-Brunchy Brunch Cocktails Made With Bacon, Coffee and More


Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but it’s nothing without a good breakfast cocktail. Whether you spike a cup of coffee, serve a loved one boozy breakfast in bed or set up an elaborate Bloody Mary bar, brunch libations have the power to please like nothing else. But pre-noon drinks can get even better.

For the ultimate brunch aficionados, we proudly present three of the brunchiest brunch drinks in the history of brunch, made with classic brunch ingredients like eggs, maple syrup, bacon, marmalade and yogurt. They’re boozy brunch at its best.

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Brunch Ingredients: Marmalade, Maple Syrup and Egg

“I wanted something that was rich enough to have in the evening but light enough to serve with brunch, and Irish whiskey can really lend a hand to this,” William Cutting, bartender at The Friend in Los Angeles, says about his morning-friendly creation. Spiked with both bitter orange marmalade and rich maple syrup, the Devil’s Own has more bite than it initially lets on. Cardamom bitters tie all of the ingredients together to create an herbal, tart, lightly sweet drink that will perk you right up after a long night out. “Try this cocktail with a traditional Irish breakfast, or a good ol’ stack of pancakes and a healthy side of bacon,” Cutting says. We can drink to that.

The Essentials

Irish Whiskey
Maple syrup
Orange Marmalade
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Brunch Ingredients: Cold Brew Coffee, Bacon and Egg

Coffee cocktails do double duty at the brunch table, giving you both a much-needed caffeine jolt and a hair-of-the-dog buzz that makes last night’s festivities seem like a distant memory. And at Estrella in Los Angeles, they make a darn good one. “The Breakfast Club comes as a result of our love and passion for great coffee here at Estrella,” general manager Fred Ghiassi says. “We started with the idea of introducing our draft nitro brew into a cocktail, which developed into a commitment to creating a perfect breakfast experience through a beverage.” Frothy egg whites and crispy candied bacon make this drink simply irresistible, especially when paired with one of the restaurant’s delectable brunch dishes.

The Essentials

egg white
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Brunch Ingredients: Yogurt and Tea

Tiki drinks are good all day, every day—especially when they’re as balanced and refreshing as the Bad Hombre, created by bartender Sean McClure at Brooklyn’s Sweet Polly. “The Bad Hombre is inspired by our presidential election,” Bruno Dias, owner of Sweet Polly, says. “Sean and I got together to create a tiki cocktail and figured out the only thing deserving of the name would be a tequila-based drink in a shark mug smoking a cigar [it’s a cinnamon stick].” Bright agave notes play with the spiced, herbal flavor of bison grass vodka, while orange liqueur and lime add acidity and balance. Creme de cassis and homemade jasmine yogurt syrup give it a rich, sweet finish. “It’s velvety, fruity and extremely refreshing—but still has the power to knock you out.”

The Essentials

yogurt syrup
Orange Liqueur

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