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3 Deep Fried Versions of Your Favorite Cocktails


Everything is better deep fried. From chicken to doughnuts to pickles, we all go crazy for a crispy coating that gives way to tender, moist goodness inside. And lucky for all the fry guys out there, state fairs across the country have paved the way for some extra-crispy innovations by offering impossible treats like fried Coca Cola, salsa and even butter. Not to be outdone by these good folks, we decided to try some experimental deep frying of our own by reimagining a few of our favorite cocktails as crunchy, breaded delights.

While some cooks simply spike the batter to create “fried cocktails,” we decided to take a tastier and, we think, much more authentic route. We soaked fruit pieces in booze, breaded them and plopped them into sizzling hot oil to create mind-blowing party snacks and impressive boozy desserts. Fire up that deep fryer and get ready to chow down on some delicious drinks.

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It might seem wrong to turn a frosty, frozen cocktail like the Strawberry Daiquiri into a hot and crispy, deep-fried snack, but after you try it, you’ll agree that it’s oh so right. Made with rum-soaked strawberries coated in pancake batter, the fluffy, buttery, fruity morsels are terrific as a brunch appetizer or for dessert on a warm summer evening. If you make the pancake batter from scratch, add a little maple syrup to the mix for a richer flavor.

The Essentials

White rum
pancake batter
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Crispy, fried citus slices often appear on the sidelines of calamari or frito misto platters, but we think they deserve to play a starring role. So we doused some in booze and pointed them in the direction of the spotlight. In this edible, sweet-tart take on the Salty Dog, vodka-soaked grapefruit slices take a dip in simple syrup and flour, before a hot, bubbly bath in oil. They’re even finished off with a sprinkling of sea salt. They make for the perfect poolside snack or picnic munchie.

The Essentials

Simple Syrup
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For fans of tequila and spice, a Bloody Maria is the ultimate brunch beverage. But, dear daring drinkers, it can get better. To take the hot and tingly cocktail to the next level, we went ahead and deep fried the sucker. These breadcrumb-coated, tequila-soaked tomatoes, drizzled with hot sauce, are real life umami bombs. For a real showstopper of a brunchtail, use them to garnish an actual Bloody Maria. Just try and stop at one.

The Essentials

cherry tomatoes
Italian-style breadcrumbs

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