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5 Healthy(ish) Cocktails to Drink After a Workout


It goes without saying that alcohol is not the best thing to drink post workout (that would be water), but sometimes happy hour falls right after CrossFit. When that happens, choose your drink wisely. Here are five healthy(ish) cocktails to have after a workout to alleviate some of that guilt.

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Easy to whip up at home and available a most bars, the Mimosa is made with good-for-you orange juice, which is packed with vitamin C, boosts your immune system, and balances your blood pressure—all great things after a high intensity workout. And, despite what you might think, Champagne is generally lower in calories than spirits like vodka, making the Mimosa a more diet-friendly orange juice cocktail than a Screwdriver.

The Essentials

Orange Juice
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This exotic Cognac cocktail is jam-packed with healthy ingredients. This creamy cocktail is shaken with an entire egg (a hearty source of protein perfect for repairing damaged muscle fibers after a workout), avocado (a great source of fiber and healthy fats), black salt (less sodium, more potassium and more calcium than table salt), and black sesame, which is known to strengthen bones and help prevent osteoporosis. This boozy smoothie requires some prep, but a health nut like you is surely no stranger to lengthy prep times.

The Essentials

cocoa nib-infused Cognac
avocado purée
black sesame syrup
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The matcha craze may have come and gone, but the nutty, bitter green tea remains a healthy drink option. Matcha is high in antioxidants, which help replenish your body after a cardio-heavy workout and increase metabolism so your body can break down macronutrients quickly. This cocktail mixes healthy matcha with egg whites for a dose of protein, and a squirt of fresh lime juice for some added vitamins and energy.

The Essentials

matcha tea syrup
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One of the more hydrating cocktails you can have, this cooling drink contains four ounces of coconut water, which will help you rehydrate after a hard sweat, and pack you full of nutrients like magnesium, manganese, calcium and vitamin C. Spiked with grassy cachaça, this silky drink also contains a liqueur made with aloe vera, which is filled with healthy plant compounds that can lower blood sugar levels and reduce inflammation. And before you’re dissuaded by the popsicle sticking out of it, know that the Melona Honeydew Melon popsicle is also made with healthy ingredients like skim milk and whey powder for an added source of post-workout energy and nutrients.

The Essentials

aloe liqueur
coconut water
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Basically a meal in a glass, a Bloody Mary is packed with all the right kinds of calories, from a mix of metabolism-sparking savory sauces to tomato juice, which can help reduce inflammation and relax your muscles after strength workouts. This brunch classic is also very open to experimentation, so feel free to throw in some vitamin-rich beet juice or watermelon to really smoothie-fy your post-workout cocktail.

The Essentials

Tomato Juice
Worcestershire Sauce

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