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3 Rich and Buttery Cocktails to Drink All Winter Long


Hot Buttered Rum is one of those decadent cold-weather treats that we look forward to every year when the mercury starts to plunge. And while there’s no need to fix something that isn’t broken, the creamy classic cocktail got us thinking about the magic of butter—and how it can enhance cocktails beyond the classic rum drink. We’ve fat washed spirits with just about anything you can imagine, from bacon to gravy to sardines, and we still think that butter is the richest, most-satisfying fatty ingredient of them all.

Luckily, we’re not alone in our love of indulgent, buttery cocktails. From a drink mixed with Hennessy and a homemade tobacco syrup, to a fat-washed bourbon tipple tinged with sweet-tart apple cider, these cozy cocktails from three butter-obsessed bartenders will make you feel fuzzy all season.

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Bourbon is already full of rich toffee notes, which are only enhanced by a brown butter fat wash. And, when mixed with seasonal pear nectar and homemade spiced orange syrup, that butter-infused bourbon makes for an easy-drinking fall cocktail that’s borderline irresistible. “The Good Ol' Boy has a luscious, round, dessert-y quality to it, but it's not heavy,” says Mike Di Tota, bar director of The Bonnie in Astoria, New York. “It's light enough to be something you can drink all night long without feeling weighed down." Fat washing the bourbon takes a few days, but it’s worth it—especially if you’re looking to impress the hell out of friends and family. Serve it in lieu of dessert, and we guarantee no one will miss the pie.

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Burnt Orange Syrup
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While fat washing bourbon gives it a savory, buttery depth, adding vanilla beans further intensifies the spirit’s rich, sweet flavors. “When you infuse the bourbon with butter and vanilla beans overnight, it adds a uniquely savory component to this cocktail,” says Caitlin Hula, beverage manager of Cliff House Maine. “Instead of just having the burn of a typical bourbon, you now have a rounder mouthfeel and sweet undertones of the vanilla coming through.” Tropical ingredients don’t immediately come to mind when mixing cool weather cocktails, but Caribbean-spiced falernum brings balance to this recipe, while apple cider adds an essential tartness. As the name suggests, this satisfying libation is best sipped in front of a warm, crackling fire.

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Tomas van den Boomgaard, beverage manager of Travelle Kitchen + Bar in Chicago’s Langham hotel, was channeling the salty, fatty satisfaction of a really good charcuterie plate when he created this drink. “The brown butter Hennessy provides a sweet and nutty flavor that enhances the sweet-sour Nobo Whole Fruit tea,” he says. This recipe calls for a tobacco syrup, which isn’t difficult to concoct but could make you feel sick if not made correctly—so follow the directions closely. Serve with a wedge of hard, salty cheese like they do at Travelle.

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