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If You Can Open a Bottle, You Can Make These Easy Punches


There are a million things to prep and do and clean and cook when you host a party, from creating a solid playlist, to setting up decorations, to warning the neighbors that you have no intention of heeding their 3 a.m. calls to turn down the music. The party doesn’t stop until the last drop of punch—oh no, the punch! You forgot to make drinks, and there’s precious little time left before your friends arrive.

Never fear, Supercall is here (and we brought booze). Forget simmering complicated syrups on the stove three days before you intend to mix a drink. Throw out your measuring cup (OK, maybe don’t, but feel free to bury it deep in the cupboard). And skip the endless citrus squeezing. You need a big-batch cocktail recipe that can be ready in a jiffy.

These simple punches can be made in no time since they require only full bottles. All you have to do is unscrew the cap and upturn the bottles into a punch bowl. Then just add ice, serve and get your booty back on the dance floor.

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This sherry-based punch delivers a wide variety of Spanish flavor, from dry Oloroso and sweet Pedro Ximénez sherry, to fruity brandy de Jerez. The three spirits blend seamlessly into a fruit basket of booze. Filled out with Cointreau and some hard apple cider for a bit of fizz, it’s dry on the nose but easy to drink—and even easier to make thanks to its full bottle proportions.

The Essentials

oloroso sherry
Apple cider
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Time slows down when you’ve got sand between your toes and a spicy, fruity cocktail in hand. But if you can’t escape the daily grind for Caribbean shores, you can still drink like you’re on a tropical getaway. This punch is a breeze to make—a breeze straight out of the islands, that is. Pungent and purple sorrel juice (made from hibiscus flowers) is a popular beverage in Jamaica, and it brings a tart edge to Jamaican rum along with sweetness. The spiked juice would be good on its own, but when you amplify the fruit with tart lime and mouth-tingling ginger beer, you’ll never want to return to the 9-to-5. Chuck it all in a punch bowl and settle in—it’s going to be a long day of R&R, wherever you are.

The Essentials

Sorrel Juice
ginger beer
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Inspired by the Negroni, this pale punch is a potent mix of spirits and not much else. Made with full bottles of gin, bittersweet aperitif and dry vermouth, with a few dashes of other ingredients to taste (which also require no measurement whatsoever), this easy-to-make punch can be batched out for on-the-go, al fresco drinking or made at home. While the “to-go” recipe asks you to measure out water to compensate for the absence of ice, you can leave the water out if you’re serving it at home with ice. Just make sure you warn guests of this clear punch’s deceptive strength before they rush in ladle first.

The Essentials

London dry gin
Salers Aperitif
dry vermouth

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