3 Handy Shandies to Make This Summer


It’s 2 p.m., swelteringly hot and you are faced with a dilemma: Do you drink a frosty beer or an ice cold cocktail? The answer is easy: both! Meet the Shandy, the perfect compromise between brews and booze.

The Shandy goes by many names—Radler, Panaché, Shandygaff—but whatever you call it, the mix of beer combined in equal parts with lemonade, lemon-lime soda or ginger beer (along with the occasional shot of liquor) is a tried-and-true daytime sipper thanks to its low ABV. And, thanks to innovative bartenders, the drink is ever-evolving and ever-improving. We count ourselves among those contributing to the Shandy’s evolution. Here are two of our own beer-based cocktails (and one adopted from a bartender buddy) that are perfect for the dog days of summer.

This Shandy marries a Bourbon Street staple (the Hurricane) with bartender Damon Boelte’s refreshing Americano Perfecto, a mix of Campari, Dolin Rouge, Carpano Antica and pilsner. We swapped out Boelte’s red vermouths for a rosé-based vermouth, and instead of using passion fruit, as is traditional in a Hurricane, we opted for a salted guava syrup, which works wonders with the vermouth. This drink will wash over you like a salty-bittersweet wave, wreaking delicious havoc upon the shores of your palate.

The Essentials

Cocchi Rosa
Guava Syrup
Lowlife Pilsner
This cocktail celebrates not only one of the greatest pieces of English literature, but also one of the greatest English cocktails, the Pimm’s Cup.  Amped up with a spicy zing of homemade ginger syrup, the spritzy cocktail gets its sour tang from a trifecta of citrus juices: orange, lemon and grapefruit. The gose-style beer, brewed with coriander and sea salt, adds just a hint of salty, oceanic brine.

The Essentials

Ginger Syrup
Sixpoint Jammer
Brooklyn bartender Andy Imsdahl spikes this funky fresh Shandy with moonshine for a seriously eye-opening kick of raw corn. (He likes King’s County Moonshine, but feel free to swap in any good moonshine from your favorite local distiller.) Not only does the moonshine kick the ABV levels up a notch, it also plays on the drink’s savory qualities. For a vegetal tang, Imsdahl makes his own serrano-grapefruit shrub. (It’s well worth the minimal effort. We promise.) As for the beer, Stillwater Brewery’s Nu-Tropic IPA (from Baltimore) steers the cocktail into balmy, tropical waters with its mango and passionfruit flavors.

The Essentials

Serrano & Grapefruit Shrub
Nu-Tropic IPA

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