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Finally, Hillary and Bernie's Cocktails Are on the Same Side


Democrats are basking in the glow of unity now that Bernie Sanders, the seemingly-perpetual thorn in Hillary Clinton’s side, has officially dropped out of the race and enthusiastically endorsed her run for president.

In honor of this (hopefully) last turn in their drama, we thought we’d unite their cocktails as well. Finally, the world can see Bernie’s working class Long Shot and a Beer alongside the refined insanity of Hillary’s Dirty Little Secret, working together for a common goal.

He may be gone, but he won’t be forgotten. Sanders kept Hillary honest in a year when it seemed no one but the B team (The Silver Fox, Captain Moonbeam, Sergeant Slaughter and Professor J. Wonkabout Nerdlington, Esq.) wanted to step to her.

The Essentials

Rye Whiskey
Maple Syrup
We’d like to think this is what Hillary uses to burnish her nerves of steel after a long day of staring down Benghazi questioners. The only thing it’s missing is this woman’s dynamite beans (Pinto! Pinto!).

The Essentials

Hot Sauce

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