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The 5 Best All-American Cocktails To Make


Serving festive cocktails on the Fourth of July is just as essential as watching fireworks and eating cheeseburgers right of the grill. So if you want to do it right this year, we suggest making these all-American cocktails. From shots that taste like apple pie to red, white and blue Sangria, these cocktails are as delicious as they are patriotic.

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There’s nothing more American than apple pie—or at least that’s how the saying goes—and this shot-tail tastes just like the real thing. Made with Fireball (America’s favorite flavored whiskey), butterscotch schnapps and apple cider, it’s sweet, cinnamon-y and dangerously easy to shoot.

The Essentials

butterscotch schnapps
apple cider
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This extra-boozy dessert-tail is a play on a ‘50s soda fountain staple: the root beer float. But instead of root beer, the cocktail is topped with Mexican Coke—which is a lot less saccharine and has a more malty flavor. Made with vanilla ice cream, Angostura bitters and a vanilla-forward white rum, this cocktail is the perfect companion to balmy summer weather and backyard barbeques.

The Essentials

White Rum
Vanilla Ice Cream
Mexican Coke
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If you want to wear your American pride on your proverbial sleeve—or more aptly, hold it in your hand—this vibrantly blue-hued tiki classic is the perfect way to celebrate. Not only is it an ideal refresher for hot weather, it also accompanies a variety of barbecue favorites, especially hot dogs and burgers.

The Essentials

light rum
blue curaçao
Pineapple Juice
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This ultra-refreshing Highball, created by Daniel Toral of Miami’s Yardbird, just screams summer. It uses fresh lemonade as the base and features honeyed bourbon and muddled fresh blackberries for sweetness. It’s tart, deceptively potent and ideal for lounging outdoors with friends.

The Essentials

Lemon Juice
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Just as its name implies, this colorful Sangria was designed specifically for a Fourth of July celebration. Using Pinot Grigio as the base, the cocktail is loaded with fresh summer berries and spiked with black raspberry liqueur for an extra kick. Best of all, it’s large format and can satisfy even the thirstiest party goers.

The Essentials

pinot grigio
Pineapple Rum

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