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3 Green Juice Cocktails To Make You Feel Like You’re Drinking Healthy


Green juice—the liquid equivalent of avocado toast—is the epitome of green goodness. Made from leafy greens like kale, spinach, spirulina and wheatgrass, and fresh fruits like apples and pears, green juice is the perfect, nutrient-rich sipper for the health conscious sect. But it’s also great for us healthy(ish) cocktailians.

With an extremely versatile range of flavors, from fresh fruit sweetness to spicy bitterness to robust, vegetal savoriness, green juice is ripe (pun intended) for cocktails. From a Margarita variation made with muddled arugula to a effervescent Highball spiked with fresh celery juice, these vivaciously green drinks will keep you (almost) loyal to your diet while giving you what you really want: booze.

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Created at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel’s Liberty Bar by cocktail maverick Matthew Biancaniello, this electric green cocktail is the result of a happy accident. Looking for inspiration in the bar’s walk-in fridge, Biancaniello spotted micro arugula, an ingredient he had never experimented with in cocktails. The resulting drink was astounding, and has since become one of his favorites. Like a Margarita made with gin instead of tequila, the drink mixes agave syrup with fresh lime and muddled arugula (the name of the cocktail is derived from the British word for arugula: rocket). It’s fresh, simple and incredibly delicious.

The Essentials

Agave Syrup
Wild Arugula
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James Palumbo, a New York bartender who has worked behind the stick at cocktail stalwarts like the Up & Up and Extra Fancy, created this neon green-hued cocktail for the menu at Belle Shoals in Williamsburg. Refreshing and vegetal, it’s made with fresh kale juice, green chile liqueur, Roca Patrón Silver and Ilegal Mezcal. At first sip, the cocktail has touches of peppery heat and garden-to-glass freshness, with wafts of smoke and barbecue (thanks to an Old Bay seasoning-rimmed glass). It’s the perfect cocktail if you want to feel like you’re drinking healthy-ish.

The Essentials

Ancho Reyes Verde
Kale Juice
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This savory cocktail is like Gin & Tonic 2.0—the green juice edition. Inspired by the two-ingredient staple, this modern take keeps the simplicity of the original, but swaps the gin for the Brooklyn-made Tokki Black Label soju, a high-octane spirit distilled from organic rice, inspired by traditional Korean liquors (Chumchurum or Charm “Deep Ocean Water” Island Soju are also great options). It gets its vivacious green hue from a celery shrub, made with fresh-pressed celery juice, rice wine vinegar and sugar. This clean, crisp drink is vibrant, slightly funky and clean. Serve it before a meal or throughout—it pairs perfectly with spicy foods and fatty meats.

The Essentials

Tokki Soju
Celery Shrub
Tonic Water

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