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The Best Herbal Cocktails


Thanks to the modern day magic of hot houses, supermarkets and refrigeration, fresh herbs are available all year round, just waiting to take your cocktails from OK to extraordinary. While mint is a workhorse behind the bar, finding employment in classics like Mojitos, Mint Juleps and Southsides, other herbs like perfumey lavender, peppery basil and savory sage are great accompaniments to spirits as well. Don’t squander precious herbs on homemade potpourri or let them waste away in the crisper. Grab an aromatic handful and make these fresh and lively cocktails now.

This herb-tastic variation on a Whiskey Sour combines the smooth, honeyed flavors of Powers Irish whiskey with floral St-Germain and a fresh sage syrup for herbal, savory perfection in a glass. A garnish of a salted, deep-fried sage leaf not only lends the drink an earthy aroma but also serves as a tasty snack (do yourself a favor and make a few extra to nosh on the side).

The Essentials

Irish Whiskey
Honey-Sage Syrup
A riff on the beloved tiki-classic, the Missionary's Downfall, this icy, slushy cocktail invokes the tangy-savory flavors of Thai cuisine. There’s fresh Thai basil, which adds vibrant, spicy depth; dark and rich coconut sugar; and bright, sour lemongrass. Blended with crushed ice, this tropical cocktail gets an extra kick from both a white rum and a brazenly funky Rhum Agricole. Sip it solo or with a bowl of tom yum.

The Essentials

2 Rums
lemongrass syrup
thai basil leaves
This garden-inspired take on a Gin Fizz features the delicate, floral flavors of Earl Grey tea and the heady perfume of lavender bitters. London Dry gin provides the drink with an herbaceous backbone, while a creamy head of egg white foam lightens and brightens. It is the perfect accompaniment to crumpets at your next high tea.

The Essentials

Egg Whites
3 dashes Lavender Bitters (plus more for garnish)

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