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3 Boozy Ways to Upgrade Your Milkshakes


We love drinking our dessert, whether it’s simply a sweet cocktail or a nightcap made specifically for post-dinner sipping. But sometimes you need something greater than a few chocolate shavings to sate a sweet tooth. You need a grown-up version of the most decadent childhood treat of all time: the milkshake.

Sweet, creamy and oh-so fattening (sorry, we mean indulgent—that’s foodie talk for calorie-packed), milkshakes are typically reserved for a once-every-few-months treat. But we think you should treat yourself to one of these boozy milkshakes ASAP. Bust out the blender, dust off your ice cream scoop, and pop those bottles. These spiked shakes are as easy as they are delicious.

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Boozy milkshakes are nothing new. But boozy milkshakes based on classic cocktails are harder to come by, which is why we got so excited about this creation from NYC bar Butter & Scotch’s cookbook. “The Ramos Gin Fizz has always been a favorite of mine, so when it occurred to me to incorporate it into our ice cream cocktail selections, I couldn't wait,” says Jen Marshall, Butter & Scotch’s former beverage director. “After many iterations, we settled on this recipe. I'm especially happy with the texture and extra orange punch provided by the marmalade, while still keeping it traditional with the orange blossom water.“ Gin gives this sweet delight a dry, floral touch, while lime juice provides the right amount of sour. Cocktailians, you’ve met your milkshake.

The Essentials

Orange marmalade
Vanilla Ice Cream
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Hennessy is beloved by many (namely Kanye West and New Yorkers), but if you aren’t familiar with the spirit, there’s an easy way to become a Cognac convert. Simply mix Hennessy with banana toffee ice cream and milk, and voila—you have a delicious, boozy milkshake that’ll keep the crowds coming back for more. A collaboration between head bartender Jonah Dill-D’Ascoli and head pastry chef Alon Langleib of B&B Winepub in NYC, it was an immediate hit at the bar. "It's called Top Banana because it’s arguably the most popular spiked shake on the menu at B&B,” Dill-D’Ascoli says. “A burger and milkshake is a classic pairing, but if we take it to the next level with the booze, it'll make you smile because the combination of flavors are perfect for before, during or after your meal." Throw some burgers on the grill, blend up a batch of these shakes and you have a recipe for the perfect summer party.

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Banana Toffee ice cream
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Anyone who grew up in the American South has had his or her fair share of pralines (pronounced praw-leens if you’re a true Southerner). An irresistible mix of nuts, caramelized sugar and milk, the recipe first arrived in New Orleans via France. Bayou pastry chefs made the concoction their own by using pecans instead of almonds and adding cream to enrich the deal. Inspired by this perfect confection, we mixed rich caramel sauce with butter pecan ice cream and dark rum to create a liquid version of the candy. A touch of salt makes it that much more enticing. Sip it on your front porch when it’s too hot to do anything else.

The Essentials

caramel sauce
butter pecan ice cream
dark rum

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