Curl Up With These Crock Pot Cocktails


The crock pot is the essential lazy cook’s kitchen tool. It also happens to be a great gadget for the lazy bartender. Just throw a few ingredients in your slow cooker, set it, forget it, remember it, and return a few hours later to find a delicious warm, spiced drink. It’s the perfect way to prep drinks for a crowd or for a night curled up under a blanket with a good book. Here, three cozy crock pot cocktail recipes to have at the ready when Old Man Winter comes a-calling.

Mulled wine is a no-brainer crock pot cocktail. The blend of dry red wine, citrus and spices is ideal holiday party fodder and an easy way to turn an okay bottle of wine and some common pantry spices into something amazing. This version is fortified with a little brandy to warm you deep down to the core.

The Essentials

dry red wine
Though sipping fresh apple cider right from the jug is tempting, this bourbon-spiked slow cooker recipe is nearly as easy—and worth the wait. Spices and citrus give it an autumnal kick, while bourbon’s caramel and vanilla flavors tie the whole shebang together.

The Essentials

apple cider
cinnamon sticks
This warming cocktail delivers on its name: It’s hot, buttery, spiked with rum (preferably spiced or aged) and easily made in a big batch in a crock pot. Packed with rich brown sugar and baking spices, it’s the perfect drinkable dessert for your next dinner party.

The Essentials

brown sugar

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