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The 5 Most Hydrating Cocktails


Alcohol is in no way hydrating—let’s get that out of the way right now. In fact, alcohol dehydrates you as you drink it (read: hangover). But this doesn’t mean every cocktail has to be a booze-fueled monster that’s going to wreak havoc on your body. If you really want a hydrating cocktail, you can cut out the liquor completely and make yourself a mocktail. But, if you want to stay as hydrated as possible while drinking and minimize the damage that dehydration does to your body, here are five of the most hydrating cocktails you can drink.

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Made with coconut water and aloe vera liqueur, this low proof summer sipper is the ultimate cocktail refresher. It even comes with an ice cold popsicle to snack on while you drink. With four ounces of coconut water, it’s a great way to feel refreshed without feeling like you’re drinking a watered-down cocktail.

The Essentials

aloe liqueur
coconut water
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With a backbone of coconut water, this low-ABV cocktail created by author Ernest Hemingway is infused with green tea, which is high in antioxidants and a great alternative to water. While Hemingway was known more for his love of booze than wholesome drinking habits, his tea-laced sipper offers a rare glimpse into the author’s healthy side.

The Essentials

Green tea
coconut water
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This aperitif from the Savoy Cocktail book combines dry vermouth and Bénédictine—both low-alcohol spirits—for an elegant, herbaceous tipple. Like drinking a slightly boozier glass of wine, the Chrysanthemum cocktail won’t punish your body while you drink it, despite the three dashes of absinthe.

The Essentials

dry vermouth
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Enjoy this cocktail with something salty (like a delicious Spanish style manchego), and you have the recipe for hydration. Lemon juice, which is high in calcium and potassium, helps bring balance to your body’s pH and fluid levels when combined with salt. And if you’re a craft beer lover turning to the dark side, you’ll feel right at home with the ounce of IPA syrup this cocktail contains.

The Essentials

IPA Syrup
Banana Liqueur
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Given to sailors in the British Royal Navy to keep them sober, free of scurvy and hydrated, the classic Grog is a cure-all, wonder cocktail. With a shot of water mixed into the base, a hefty pour of fresh lime, and unbleached, natural sugar, your body will get more electrolytes from this bevy than you would from Gatorade. But don’t accidentally order a Navy Grog, because that has three kinds of rum—not so hydrating.

The Essentials

Dark Rum
Lime Juice
Demerara Syrup

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