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4 New Drop Shots That Blow Jäger Bombs Away


Drop shots (aka Depth Charges, aka Bombs) are more than the sum of their parts. As the shot crashes into the pint glass, a crazy flavor metamorphosis takes place. Guinness, Baileys and Jameson in an Irish Car Bomb taste like chocolate milk. Jägermeister and Red Bull in a Jäger Bomb taste like bubble gum, licorice or cotton candy, depending on who you ask. The amaretto and rum in a Flaming Dr. Pepper taste like, well, Dr. Pepper. We’re not sure if it’s sorcery or chemistry, but we’re not going to question it.

We are, however, going to keep trying new drop shot combos until the table is soaked and our taste buds are satisfied. If you’ve only tried Jäger Bombs or Sake Bombs (or you pooh-pooh the idea of obnoxious drop shots altogether), it’s time to gather a few adventurous friends, put on something you don’t mind getting splashed on, and get to bombing. You’ll drop, you may scream, you’ll slam the glass back, and your mind will be blown.

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It's hard to imagine a bottle of Corona without seeing a lime wedge sticking up from the lip of the bottle like a peacock’s feathers. The citrus is integral to the beer, adding some tart edge to the smooth Mexican lager. This Depth Charge evokes that essential garnish, as well as the classic Boilermaker of grassy tequila and refreshing Mexican beer. While the classic Corona Bomb is sometimes made with Bacardí Límon, we opted for fresh lime juice, which creates a flavor explosion when paired with the raw heat of an especially bright blanco tequila. When you drop the mixed shot into a tall glass of Corona and watch those potent flavors bloom in the glass, you’ll hardly recall the boring old lime wedge.

The Essentials

Blanco Tequila
Fresh Lime Juice
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Leave it to the French to figure out a drop shot made with Cointreau, the country’s famed orange liqueur. Taking a cue from the classic Jäger Bomb (which has yet to be adopted by the Germans of Jäger’s own homeland), French drinkers looking to get amped and buzzed at the same time drop Cointreau into Red Bull, combining the two brand names into “Retreau” (pronounced “retro,” but—you know—with a French accent). The name is especially fitting, as the two ingredients miraculously recall the taste of that throwback childhood favorite, orange Skittles. The shot’s dual personalities make it perfect for any occasion—whether you’re trying to impress with your knowledge of worldly tipples while cutting loose, or you just want to shamelessly chug a drink that tastes like liquid candy.

The Essentials

Red Bull
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Don't judge a Bomb by its cover. The Soju Bomb (aka Somaek) resembles its cousin, the Sake Bomb, when the is shot posed on chopsticks above a glass (or lined up in an epic Seoul Train). But the difference in flavor and ABV is significant. Soju packs a bigger punch than sake, coming in at two to three times the proof. It's also paired with feathery light Korean beer (local favorites are Cass Fresh and Hite), which requires a very specific ratio of spirit to brew: three parts soju to seven parts beer, to be exact. Achieve this perfect formula, and you'll experience the puzzling chemistry that makes the drink so popular. The combination brings out the sweetness of the beer, smooths the grainy edges of the soju, and makes the tall glass oh-so easy to slam down.

The Essentials

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If a classic Presbyterian cocktail and a Jäger Bomb had a baby, it would be this exceptional shot. Creamier than your average drop shot, scotch and white crème de cacao mix with smooth ginger ale to create a sweet, playful sipper. You can gulp this one down like any Bomb, but after one taste, your sense of decorum may kick in and tempt you to sip it slowly (don’t listen to it). Heck, it’s so refined, you could almost order it at a classy cocktail bar. Just ignore everyone’s stares when you yell “bombs away!” as you drop the shot.

The Essentials

Crème de Cacao
Ginger Ale

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