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4 Easy Ways To Booze Up Your La Croix


Over the course of a decade, La Croix (pronounced la-CROY—don’t get all fancy and French on it) has gone from being the official soda of Midwest moms to a full-on pop-culture phenomenon. Today, Wisconsin’s flavored bubbly water is America’s favorite bubbly water. It is not only the number one selling, domestically-made carbonated water in the United States, it is also a sparkling water with a cult following. It’s inspired sensational memes, street art-devotion and it even has its own melodic anthem. With a literal rainbow of flavors, La Croix is everywhere—even behind the bar.

As fans of all things carbonated and boozy, we decided to give a few of La Croix’s most popular flavors a stiff makeover. From a variation on a Bramble to a spritzy take on a Hurricane, here are four fun and easy ways to booze up your La Croix.

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Inspired by the Bramble, this effervescent tipple gets its flavor and its spritely bubbles from a topper of La Croix Muré Pepino, an unsweetened blackberry cucumber soda. St. George Green Chile vodka acts as the drink’s savory backbone—and gives it a kick of heat and spice. It’s refreshingly light and tart, with a complex depth of green chile, raw green bell pepper, blackberry sweetness and the softness of cucumber. It’s a gosh darn garden in a glass.

The Essentials

Green Chile Vodka
Crème de Mûre
Muré Pepino La Croix
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Boldly flavored, with tropical vibes galore, La Croix’s pineapple-strawberry soda is ripe for summer cocktails. To up the tropical feels, we combined the raw funk of rhum agricole with the sweet vanilla flavors of Caribbean white rum. It’s refreshing, juicy, and downright crushable. This effervescent tipple is perfect for luaus on the beach, sweat-inducing dance parties in the tropics, or an at-home remedy for when you need a mental vacation.

The Essentials

white rum
Pineapple Juice
Piña Fraise La Croix
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When we found out that La Croix made a passionfruit soda, we knew that we had to turn the bubbly water into a Hurricane. The original recipe for the New Orleans staple uses a passionfruit syrup, but when made with La Croix’s passionfruit soda instead, the classic cocktail turns from tart and strong to light, refreshingly quaffable and summery. With dark rum and mezcal at the base, it has smoky depth and rich molasses sweetness. As simple to make as it is easy to drink, this is our new go-to patio drink.

The Essentials

dark rum
Passionfruit La Croix
Matthew Kelly / Supercall
Have you heard of the Pendennis Club cocktail? No? Neither had we, but once we tried the balanced blend of bright citrus, floral gin and jammy apricot, we were devoted drinkers. Every time we made the cocktail at home, however, there was something missing. We found that something in La Croix’s bright and honeyed apricot soda. This new and improved variation on the Pendennis Club features barrel-aged Old Tom gin, honey, cardamom and a topper of spritzy Apricot La Croix instead of the traditional apricot liqueur. This effervescent sipper is just as delicious mid-January as it is come high summer.

The Essentials

Old Tom Gin
Cardamom Bitters
Apricot La Croix

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