Jägermeister Goes Tiki


For decades, Jägermeister was the shot of choice for beginner imbibers looking to tie one on in college bars. Indeed, the bittersweet German digestif was so much in demand that many bars invested precious counter space on glowing orange Jäger-branded dispensers. Then, just a few years back, Fireball strolled into the joint and stole the party shot crown clean off Jäger’s antlered head. And while the sweet, cinnamon whiskey liqueur never looked back, the dark black spirit of the forest crawled back under the bar to lick its wounds and plot its revenge.

But while Jäger might be temporarily out of favor, it has one thing going for it. Before Jäger was bro-ed out, it was a relatively traditional german digestif, which means it has quality and subtlety that its fellow frat-house spirits will never enjoy. And many bartenders appreciate the liqueur’s finer points—its edge, herbaceousness and layered flavors. Lately, those bartenders have crafted a new, sunnier home for Jäger—in their tiki drinks. Here are four star bartenders’ takes on Jägermeister tiki cocktails.

Bartender Brian Means of San Francisco’s Dirty Habit mixes Jägermeister with a sesame-infused coconut cream, tart lemon juice, rich Cognac and frothy egg whites. It’s Jäger graduated with a degree in deliciousness.

The Essentials

Coconut Cream
“Tiki is playful and unexpected and I thought Jäger would be a great fit,” says Sother Teague of New York’s Amor y Amargo. “Jäger is layered with lots of grapefruit, clove and, ginger—all of which are found in tiki drinks.” His spicy-sweet cocktail, which combines Jägermeister, ginger, aged rum and orgeat, is a perfect alternative for Dark ‘N’ Stormy lovers looking for a cocktail with more of a kick.

The Essentials

aged rum
ginger syrup
Dave Fernie and Mary Bartlett of Honeycut, L.A.’s space-age-meets-tiki nightclub, whipped up this flaming cocktail. Made with a blend of tropical fruit juices (OJ, lime juice and passionfruit syrup) as well as three types of rum and orgeat, it’s as classic tiki as it gets—with a hit of herbal heft from some Jägermeister.

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Brian Miller, New York’s own tiki pirate and the founder of Tiki Mondays across the city, usually serves this spiced concoction nestled in a double old-fashioned glass filled with smoking dry ice. Home bartenders, though, can skip the special effects. The drink’s richly fruity flavors are impressive enough.

The Essentials

Cana Brava rum
orange juice

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