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3 Easy Cocktails You Can Make and Serve in Mason Jars


One of the most essential tools for a home bartender is not a weighted shaker or a clear ice cube-maker or even a vodka fridge—it’s a Mason jar. Not only are Mason jars great for storing syrups and homemade ‘shine, but they’re also cocktail shakers and glasses in one. They’re sturdy enough to withstand even the most aggressive muddling, come with a easy-sealing tops and look appealingly rustic—they’re like grown-up sippy cups.

While you can make nearly any drink in a Mason jar, these cocktails were specifically designed for the versatile vessel. From a muddled smash, to a shaken spiked tea, to an infused Sangria, here are three great cocktails to make and serve in Mason jars.

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This summery twist on the classic Smash is a fun, refreshing cocktail—perfect for cooling off on hot days and easy to take on the go. A breeze to batch out, the seasonal sipper can be made in Mason jars ahead of time and served in big buckets of ice at al fresco events like rustic weddings, croquet tournaments or impromptu Sunday afternoon cookouts. Thanks to the handy Mason jar, you can muddle and make the drink in the same glass, then seal and store in a cooler along with cans of beer (which will probably go untouched in favor of these colorful spritzes).

The Essentials

London Dry Gin
Pimm's Blackberry & Elderflower
Lillet blanc
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When it’s hot outside there’s nothing more delicious or refreshing than a frosty iced tea—except spiked iced tea. Boozed up with vodka and peach schnapps, this summertime sipper tastes like a grown up Snapple. Bonus: It’s almost too easy to throw together. Made entirely in a Mason jar, it’s like a Southern summer day in a glass.

The Essentials

Peach Schnapps
Lipton’s Iced Tea, to top
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This ultra-summery Sangria is a light, crisp, take on the classically bold, blood-red Spanish punch. Fresh yellow plums balance out Fino sherry’s tartness and harmonize with its nutty flavors, while a splash of dry curaçao adds citrusy depth. Make the drink in a Mason jar so you can tightly seal and shake it, before leaving it to infuse overnight. The next day, pack a few jars into a cooler and hit the beach, or the park, or your backyard—wherever you choose to go, this jarred Sangria will taste great.

The Essentials

Lustau Fino Sherry
Sliced Plums

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