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What to Do with a Bottle of Peach Vodka


Flavored vodkas run the gamut when it comes to quality and usefulness. There really is not that much utility in a bottle of bubble gum vodka or electricity vodka. But many fruit flavors do work well when infused into a bottle of the neutral spirit. One of those fruit flavors is peach. Not as cloying or syrupy as something like peach schnapps, the fuzzy stone fruit vodka tastes just like boozy Haribo candy—and we are in favor. But it’s a pretty strong, unique flavor, so you have to use it wisely. Here’s what you should do with a bottle of peach vodka. 

Use It in a Jello Shot

If you’re making Jello Shots, chances are you want something a little sweet. Swapping out standard vodka for a peach version will let you go full boozy dessert.

Make a Peach Martini

The Martini-ness of any ‘tini that is spelled with an apostrophe is up for debate—unless it’s the satisfyingly sweet drink you get by swapping out the vodka and Cointreau for peach vodka in our Lemon Drop. The peachy stuff is pretty sweet already, so we liked this best when we used just a quarter-ounce of simple syrup.

Sub It in for Schnapps in a Sex on the Beach

The Sex on the Beach doesn’t have the best reputation, but it may be the only cocktail with any staying power that was actually invented for debaucherous spring breakers. If you like to live in a perpetual state of spring break and want to make this drink a little less sweet and a lot more boozy, ditch the peach schnapps and replace it with peach vodka. You’ll get all the flavor, plus an extra half-ounce of full-proof alcohol.

Put It in a Screwdriver

Swapping peach vodka into a Screwdriver makes a drink that is half Screwdriver, half Fuzzy Navel. Interestingly, there is some sort of weird alchemy going on with orange juice, and it was the only mixer we tried that made the vodka taste like actual peaches instead of peach candy. But, again, since the peach vodka is sweet on its own, this will work better with fresh orange juice because it’s tarter than most of the bottled stuff in the grocery store.

Kick Up a Mimosa

Of course, if the peachy Screwdriver isn’t fancy enough for you, you can always top it off with Champagne and make a peachy Mimosa. Work off our Vodka Mimosa recipe, and use one ounce of peach vodka in place of ordinary vodka for a fruitier brunch accompaniment.

Relive an Earlier Drinking Era in Your Life and Make a Vodka Cranberry

“If I was still in college, I would drink a lot of these” - Supercall staffer

Just use two ounces of peach vodka in place of standard vodka, pour four ounces of cranberry juice on top and you’re in business. If you want a more effervescent drink, top it with a splash of seltzer.

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