Prairie Fire: Moonshine & Hot Sauce Shooter


This is not a drink that will test your bartending chops—though it will check your ability to handle hot and spicy liquids. In fact, some cocktail geeks have said the concoction originated as punishment for losers of bar bets back in the day. If that’s true, we’re all for bringing back the Prairie Fire as legal tender in a tavern. In our book, throwing back a shot of moonshine topped with hot sauce beats the heck out of handing over $20 to settle a wager. Some versions use tequila instead of moonshine, but no matter what spirit you use, the Prairie Fire is as simple as mixed drinks get.

Here’s the full “recipe”:

Ingredients |

  • 1.5 oz moonshine
  • .25 oz hot sauce
Method |
  • Pour the whiskey into a shot glass.
  • Float the hot sauce on top.
  • Boom.

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