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Easy Make-Ahead Punches for the Big Game


It’s that time of year again, when two American football teams, clad in spandex, run around in circles throwing an ovoid ball back and forth, battling for the championship title and a fat golden ring. It is a time for celebration. A time for screaming at the TV. And a time for eating and drinking until you are on the verge of bursting.

With every great game day party comes great responsibility. The woes of hosting are no joke: Are my couch cushions comfortable enough? How many people can sit at once in my living room? How do you make 300 deep-fried hot wings in a tiny kitchen without lighting something on fire? How do I muddle 50 Mojitos while the game is on? (You don’t.) While we can’t help you buy a new couch or start a mini wing empire, we can make the drink-making part of your day a lot easier.

The secret to an easy, stress-free game day party is making as much ahead of time as you can—and that includes drinks. Like seven-layer dips and chili, punches are a godsend for stressed out hosts. Easy to pre-batch in large quantities, these three game day punches will insure you’ll be the real winner this Sunday.

A variation on the Fish House Punch, this game day party punch was created with rowdiness and chicken wings in mind. With a full bottle of rum and half a bottle of Cognac (not to mention the addition of two liqueurs) this deceptively easy to drink punch packs a mighty, boozy wallop. Pad your stomach with hot wings and get ready for your party to go down in history as one of the greats. The only downside: Next year, twenty more of your friends will be requesting an invite.

The Essentials

Raspberry Liqueur
The perfect marriage of a Salty Dog and a Shandy, this make-ahead, party-sized cocktail will surely be a hit with the agave fans at your game day celebration. Light and refreshing, with a backbone of smoky mezcal spice, the Excessive Celebration Punch gets an effervescent topper of grapefruit soda and beer. A perfect accompaniment to crunchy, cheesy snacks, the mix of salt, sour and sweet is best with a heaping plate of nachos or spicy dip. Just remember to keep your excessive frustration in check when your guests drink all of the punch before you get a second cup.

The Essentials

Squirt Soda
We’ve waxed poetic about oleo saccharum before; the deliciously bright, gooey, lemon-infused syrup is the cornerstone of a good punch—and this party-sized variation on the classic New York Sour is proof. Combined with spicy rye whiskey, the puckery syrup blossoms into a deeply flavorful base. Topped with red wine, it’s an ombre masterpiece.

The key to this punch’s success relies on two things: making the oleo saccharum at least two days before your party and giving the punch a chance to amalgamate in the fridge overnight. The longer the pitcher-sized cocktail sits, the better it gets.

The Essentials

Red Wine

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