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6 Best Bathtime Cocktails


When you were in college, you drank like you were in college. You gulped down Solo cup upon Solo cup of Jungle Juice like you were in college. You took shots of Fireball like you were in college. You drank shower beers like you were in college. But when you grew up, you set aside collegiate things. Now, you make real punches for parties. You still sip Fireball—but it is of your own creation. And the greatest of these things is shower beers—except you don’t drink shower beers any more. You drink bathtub cocktails.  

This list of best-ever bathtime cocktails has been curated for maximum enhancement of your you-time. We’ve said too much already.

As bubbly as the bath in which you’re soaking, the Champagne cocktail is an easy mix of sparkling wine and a bitters. As your bath salts gently perfuse into the water, so too will that sugar cube perfuse into your drink—the effervescence of each complementing the other in perfect harmony.

The Essentials

Sugar Cube
The perfect after-dinner bath calls for the perfect after-dinner drink. Creamy, sweet and stiffer than you might expect (at least ours is), the White Russian will ease you into a delightful sleepytime state. Just make sure you get out and dry off before it whisks you away to dreamland.

The Essentials

Coffee Liqueur
Heavy Cream
The only thing more indulgent than watching a movie while soaking in the tub is pairing that movie with a cocktail. Set up your viewing device a safe distance from the water, fire up The French Connection and stir up the movie’s eponymous drink—a strong, sweet mix of cognac and amaretto.

The Essentials

If your tub time has been slated for curative purposes, we recommend you also take a Penicillin. Smoky scotch, honey, lemon and fiery fresh ginger come together in a cocktail that will clear out any stuffiness—or, at least, make your recovery far more bearable.  

The Essentials

ginger root
blended scotch
lemon juice
For a DIY spa experience, cut some cucumber slices for your eyes and a few more to garnish this bright and spritzy, herbaceous drink. Its low ABV will keep you alert while its bevy of botanicals enhances your aromatized bathing session.

The Essentials

Pimm’s No. 1
British Lemonade or ginger beer
fresh lemon juice
If your outsides are getting clean, it’s only fitting that your insides are getting dirty (at least that’s what we tell ourselves). This ultra-briny Dirty Martini is hazy, salty and eye-openingly strong; a cocktail only for experienced bathtime drinkers.

The Essentials

Dry Vermouth
Olive Brine

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